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Can We Have A Little Privacy, Please!

What does privacy have to do with freedom and a voluntary community?  Its all about freedom of association.

We all have the right to choose who we spend our time with, who we share our thoughts with, and who we entrust with our deepest, darkest secrets.

We also have the right to avoid the people we don’t like, limit the things we share with others, and to keep our most intimate personal thoughts to ourselves, if we want.

What If Every Thought Were Broadcast Publicly?

Its easy to imagine a Steven Spielberg summer blockbuster (more…)

Law without Big Brother

Lots of people seem to think they need Big Brother to tell them—or, at least, to tell other people—what to do. They have trouble envisioning a peaceful, voluntary society because they assume that someone needs to monopolize the use of force. Otherwise, they’re afraid, life will be (in Thomas Hobbes’s famous phrase) “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.”

Let the skeptics know that law could be an integral aspect of life in a peaceful, voluntary society and they’re likely to roll their eyes. Any entity, they might say, that does identify and enforce law just is a state. The fact is, though, that you can enforce law without being, or being indistinguishable from, a state.

What makes law without the state different? It’s consensual. In a peaceful, voluntary society, people would be obligated by laws or legal systems to which they had actually consented.

It’s part of the modern state’s legitimating ideology that it rests on “the consent of the governed,” but of course (more…)

from the New Edition of the OXYPOLISAURUS


by bjsvol on July 18, 2011

  from the New Edition of the OXYPOLISAURUS

by Dr. Barry J. Schwartz


“But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.”

“In our time political speech and writing are largely the defense of the indefensible.”


–George Orwell

The term OXYPOLISAURUS is an amalgam of three elements: Oxymoron, Politics, and Thesaurus. I apologize for introducing a rickety term like this, but some of our old words and phrases are in very poor condition owing to public misuse. Once we’ve trimmed down the excess verbiage obscuring the view, the OXYPOLOSAURUS will be dismantled and put back into storage.

Now, consider the terms Oxymoron, Politics, and (more…)

‘Thank You’ from the Future!

Rousing the Rabblez!

(The audio of this speech – slightly raunchier: \’We Are Still Here!\’ by Stefan Molyneux )

One of the things that I’ve felt my whole life is that gratitude from the culture that we live in can sometimes be a little lacking – and another of the things I thing about is that we are all philosophers. Everybody who works from first principles, everyone who talks about nonviolence, we all are philosophers – and the one thing that’s very true about philosophers is that they don’t get a lot of ‘sugar,’ they don’t get a lot of love in their own time.

We don’t get a lot of love. Socrates (more…)