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Liberty, Really?

This past week has been particularly tough for me, I spoke about on this past week’s No State Project.  Ian Freeman, host of Free Talk Live, and a friend of mine, was arrested for standing in front of a police car for forty-five seconds.  He was convicted and given a sentence of one year in jail, all suspended except for ninety days.  This was done in the “Live free or die” state of New Hampshire.

I filed a petition for habeas corpus to challenge what I think is an injustice.  While I was challenged and eventually stricken as a party, the judge permitted no challenge to a lawyer named John Webb.  John was essentially given immunity from being challenged on his appearance in the proceedings.  You can hear how Philip Mangone, the lawyer with the robe, refused to permit challenge here.

They came after me, but I couldn’t question Webb’s appearance.   For those unaware, when people like Webb claim to represent the “STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE” or any other “state”, it is a fiction, there is no reality to it.  And they don’t like being questioned on it at all, as you can hear in the above link.

We all tend to carry fictions around with us, some more useful than others, others pretty harmful.  People like Webb and Mangone’s fictions are pretty harmful.  They labor under the fiction they are a state, they are not responsible for their actions, their crimes.

So it’s easy for Philip Magone to keep my friend Ian in shackles for the hearing last Friday, 23 September 2011.  As I pointed out in my recent motion to Philip, even OJ, accused of butchering two people, was in court in a suit and unshackled.  Ian, accused of standing in front of a police car for 45 seconds, is kept in shackles.

Why?  Not because Ian was any kind of violent threat to Mangone, no Ian and I represent a far worse threat.  We are a threat to their fictions.  They know they hide behind flimsy pseudonyms so questions are not permitted.

But more people are catching on.  It doesn’t require any violence or protests in the streets.  We just need to ask them questions.



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