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Thomas Jane’s Penis is a Threat to Your Box

Thomas Jane, the star of the dull and plodding Hung, upset the young, hip and liberal on celebrity gossip blog D-Listed.

Among Jane’s faux pas:

  1. Suggesting that artists might experiment sexually especially those who may have grown up as boring middle American children.
  2. Admitting without guilt or shame that early in his career, he traded sexual favors with men.
  3. Believing that while heterosexuality is his natural inclination,  he felt he needed to have sex with both men and women to be sure.

The comment section reveals that young liberals brought up post-sexual revolution stand no heresy of their own set of stifling and ultimately phoney sexual mores.

Jane violated several basic articles of faith by:

  1. Acknowledging bisexual behavior in men. (Male bisexuality seemed to disappear in the early 80s or rather bisexual men were labeled as diseased then disappeared entirely by the gay establishment.)
  2. Admitting such in an un-serious matter of fact fashion not followed by a tedious interview with CNN’s Don Lemon as to Jane’s “courage.”
  3. Revealing a history of sex work without a teary eyed confession of fondling by his uncle.

While a combination of Christianism, the therapeutic culture and the left’s ambivalence toward work make any adult discussion of sex work impossible, what really got the youngsters going was the notion of volition in sexual behavior. Straight people hate this. They need to know that sexual orientation is a fixed genetic trait.

The “born this way” doctrine allows heterosexuals to take the correct position without having to acknowledge the gay anxiety and biphobia that underlies it.

It’s not a shock that those who believe in the benevolence of the state like to put people in boxes. It certainly makes it easier when someone’s rights need to be sacrificed when we are in the habit of thinking of giant boxes as opposed to individuals.

Those of us who wouldn’t dare to so much as check a box on a census form must resist the temptation to carelessly toss others in boxes. After all, barring some major advance by Alcor, we will all be in a box soon enough.


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4 responses

  1. Steve Trinward

    intriguing perspective as always, Angela. As former managing editor (de facto ed in chief) of a gay paper in Boston in the late ’70s, I had fairly ample opportunity to consider exploring my boundaries, and was almost disappointed when I discovered i just wasn’t into cock unless it was my own. (On one hand, it would have expanded my “cruising radius” considerably; OTOH, I would probably not have lived past the early AZT tests.) So I contented myself with the relatively ‘open’ relationship i had, had an affair or two along the way with other women … and remained an observer for the most part. This thing with folks trying to trash this fellow for being open about his bi-curiosity is as ridiculous as the bluebloods trashing him for not being 100% straight …

    October 5, 2011 at 6:41 pm

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