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High on the State: Can Government Regulation Protect You? By Jesse Mathewson

Guest Blogger Notes:  I have watched the Occupy Wall Street protests amazed at the sheer idiocy of the women both with and without beards shambling about their proto-1960’s shanty-towns shouting and mumbling about the system.  Most of these worthies are collectivists with an almost atavistic child-like reverence of the power of the state.  Their moral imaginations are so impoverished that they see violence and the threat of violence as the ONLY organizing principle of any just society.  For them, any free moral agent is simply a candidate to be chained and manipulated. If freedom is the answer, government is never the question.

And Libertopia is the cure.  It’s not too late to register and it is a mere nine days away.  Point your finger at your head and repeat after me:  “The revolution begins here.”- Bill Buppert

“The more corrupt the state the more it legislates.”– Tacitus

With the protests going strong across the Untied Socialist States of America we have the chance to see what it is people truly want. Many are being filmed asking for more regulation, bigger government and above all NO MORE private business. As someone who firmly believes in individualism, I cannot in good conscience do anything other than say, I disagree and occasionally attempt to talk to others regarding this, hoping that possibly my conversing with them will help them avoid the trap of more government.

A friend of mine recently told me the following in a sarcastic tone, “Ah yes, Jesse, do away with all those pesky regulations that keep the people from being cheated, from being poisoned by their food, air, medications, etc.” You see this friend for all of their good points (and they have many) is still a firm believer in the idea that the government actually protects us. I have had long and deep conversations with them, written pages of discussions and presented reams of facts. The response is invariably: but…followed by a bit of sarcasm and then I tend to simply drop the issue and move on.

However, her comment got me thinking, most of us can see that the majority of the “Wall Street Occupying (force)” desires not less government, or individualism but instead they desire NO more private property, no individualism and if one sees their message without blinders they simply wish to have a more socialist state then we have now. So how do we address those who are deeply ensconced in their beliefs and worship of government, facts, we present them with facts.

So here is a brief list of facts regarding “government regulation.”

Legal Drugs – Regulated

A report by Gary Null, PhD; Carolyn Dean MD, ND; Martin Feldman, MD; Debora Rasio, MD; and Dorothy Smith, PhD shows that 783,936 deaths can be attributed to prescribed, REGULATED medicine annually. And that over 2.2 MILLION adverse reactions occur annually to doctor prescribed REGULATED drugs.

Illegal Drugs – Unregulated

Of course the currently illegal “drug trade” shows that a large percentage of those dying because of illegal drugs are being killed as a result of the drug war and not overdoses, according to a US Department of State paper, “Between January and September 2009, there were 5,874 drug-related murders in Mexico, an almost 5 percent increase over 2008 (5,600)” And according to the CDC, 38,371 people died in 2007 from illegal drugs, and NO ONE died of a Marijuana overdose.

So here is my response to my friend and anyone else that truly believes government keeps them safe; have you done the math, have you researched your position fully? Are you looking at facts or are you looking at the fiction you desire.

Be an individual, be free, stop following, start looking and remember, liberty is hard to keep but worth the effort.

“If you are not free to choose wrongly and irresponsibly, you are not free at all.” – Jacob Hornberger, 1995

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