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The Shame of Veteran’s Day by Bill Buppert

“Happy Veterans Day and thank you for your service” or “thanks for protecting our freedom.”

What!  I hear this familiar refrain again and again every November.  I am appalled whenever this unthinking salutation is proffered.

I am a retired career Army officer and like USMC General Smedley Butler before me, I find these sentiments to be hogwash.

The only service rendered was to the American political power structure in the dishonorable hands ofthe Democrats or Republicans; the former have, of course, gotten America involved in WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Starting with the shameful expropriation of the Mexican territory from 1846-48 to the War of Northern Aggression from 1860-65; the United States went into hyper-colonial overdrive in 1893 in the Hawaiian Islands and has not stopped since. The entire history of American arms on Earth has been a shameful and expansionist enterprise culminating in the first ever post-WWII attack on American state soil in 2001 (the Japanese attack on American territories in the Aleutians during the War to Save Josef Stalin and the minor coastal skirmishes in Oregon).  I am frankly astonished at the length of time it took for a substantive attack of any kind to be initiated on American soil with the breadth, ferocity and long sordid history of American mischief and mayhem abroad.

The sheer number of military expeditions the US has embarked on over time is breathtaking.  One worthy notes there have been 234 military expeditions from 1798-1993.  Another posits 159 instances of the use of United States armed forces abroad from October 1945 through December 2006. “This list does not include covert actions and numerous instances of US forces stationed abroad since World War II, in occupation forces, or for participation in mutual security organizations, base agreements, and routine military assistance or training operations.”

Good God, if I were a Martian who landed on Earth ten years ago and found myself attending government schools, to include college, and watching television for any additional cultural education,  I would not be aware of any of this.  The constant drumbeat emanating from the State is the Orwellian chorus about America making the world safe for freedom and liberty and never using force abroad except in self-defense.  The history proves otherwise.

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3 responses

  1. Great article and even more meaningful because of having been written by a veteran.

    November 11, 2011 at 11:08 am

  2. The man being a veteran doesnt give all these lies and opinions any more validity. Poorly written clearly this person had issues with his service. The US never wanted to get in to WW I or II, we had to, other wise we’d be speaking German now would we not? Go to the library and do some real reading. Who made this man judge and jury, get a life! You have no idea what your talking about.

    November 12, 2011 at 7:26 pm

  3. David,

    I would recommend the same to you. You need to start reading more. I am all ears for why we had to get into WWI and WWII. Germany, a country the size of Montana, with no force projection capability for a cross-Atlantic invasion of the US for which four fifths of their ENTIRE order of battle was used against the Russians in the East from the start of Operation Barbarossa until Berlin’s fall in 1945? In the end, the FDR administration was so riddled with Soviet agents that the agenda became a clear imperative to save Russian communism at all costs. Hitler was a monster and the National Socialist state was evil but we had the opportunity to watch Hitler and Stalin quite literally duke it out together until they were both ruined. This was the same America that lauded Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini in the 1930s as great men who were crafting societies we would be wise to emulate.

    WWI was simply the first half of WWII and Woodrow Wilson’s insistence on the Versailles Treaty guaranteed the events to follow.

    I am very interested in knowing what security interests were at stake for the US in both these wars.

    No, we would not be speaking German.

    In the interest of airing this issue out, I would bet I could get us an hour of airtime if you cared to debate me on the resolution and we will even craft it to favor your position: Resolved: the United States had no choice but to enter both WWI and WWII to fight Germany to defend itself from invasion and conquest.

    The few rhetorical ripostes we can trade on the comments section of a blog don’t do it justice but an extended public conversation between us could give it the time it deserves. I will even offer you an essay on my blog to defend your position.

    Cheers, Bill

    November 13, 2011 at 6:59 am

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