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Silver 2011, A Look Back: How Silver Made a Run at its Record in Dollars, Only to End The Year Down As Euros Became Dollars

Oh, here we come to the end of another year of currency wars and U.S. led genocidal invasions of far away nations. If there was any doubt in anybody’s mind that Obama would forge ahead with the Bush pre-emption policy, this was laid to rest in 2011.

As insane policies by bankers and special interest technocrats lead to a loss of faith in fiat currencies generally, the precious metals markets have awoken from a near century long manipulated rest. Asserting themselves increasingly as the money of choice among savvy investors and a deep-seeded freedom movement, the future of money does not lie in the U.S. Dollar. Silver, in particular, has become an exciting prospect for the younger generation, many of whom purchase silver not as an investment, but, rather, as a store of wealth or means of savings. Those who affiliate themselves with the Silver Liberation Army, furthermore, see it as a weapon against demise-of-the-state globalist banks. (more…)