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Revolutionary Road

There’s a popular way of drawing the distinction between electoral politics and revolutionary politics that I think gets things almost precisely backward.

According to this way of thinking, electoral politics represents a peaceful, conversational way of settling disputes, whereas revolution represents an abandonment of persuasion in favour of violence.

The Athenian Assembly

According to the Greek orator Lysias, for example, singing the praises of Athenian democracy, it was “the way of wild beasts to be forcibly subjected to one another, but the way of human beings to define justice by law and to persuade by reasoned discourse” – where by “reasoned discourse” he meant the debates in the assembly that culminated in laws, decrees, and declarations of war.

Now certainly states that feature parliamentary debate are generally preferable to states where, say, a single dictator has sole decision-making power. All the same, a conversation that is going to culminate in a vote, where the result of that vote will be imposed by force of law on the dissenters (as well as on others who, whether by choice or by necessity, have not even participated in the vote), can hardly be a (more…)

Fail – The War on Drugs

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The Last Failed State by Justin O’Connell

A terrific rhetorical salvo on my friend and colleague Jeff Berwick’s blog authored by Justin O’Connell.  Jeff will be there in the flesh at Libertopia. -BB

There is not a state on the planet today that is worth salvage; nope, not a single government that deserves our sympathy, empathy, concern, or hope. They deserve only our disdain and disbelief. They are all failed states, and the sustainability of humankind depends on a clean break with the old paradigm of states assuming a natural right to power over individuals.

The concept of a failed state was inspired by Ronald Reagan’s so-called “terrorist state”. That’s where the War on Terror began, as the Reagan administration hoodwinked the people by insisting “the new plague of the modern age is terrorism, a return to barbarism, and we must defend ourselves” or some other similar sort of transparent rhetoric. In 1994, Clinton called the concept of a state-sanctioned collective boogieman a “rogue state”, and the people were made to be afraid.

And then there was the “failed state”, and it was maintained that such states, impoverished and menial as they are, threaten our national security. Places like Iraq, the greater Middle East and even poor, little Haiti, according to the doctrine, would require direct intervention in order to save them from themselves. In the process, they would be certainly doomed to devastation.

Ironically, even during the Clinton administration, scholars in major journals such as Foreign Affairs noted that in much of the world, the US is considered the leading failed state and the greatest terrorist threat to man. But the US citizenry would never believe this, considering the Fourth Branch of the Government – the media – does not report on international opinion in its entertainment news.

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Free To Choose: Refusal is the Ultimate Liberty by Bill Buppert

Libertopia is just around the corner and this distills one of the pillars of attaining and maintaining freedom. -BB

“Laws are rules, made by people who govern by means of organized violence, for non-compliance with which the non-complier is subjected to blows, to loss of liberty, or even to being murdered.”

– Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy

There is the only one true sign of freedom once all is said and done.  You can live in a geographical location or tax jurisdiction (fondly called countries) and you are subject to no law except what you agree to so long as you may opt-out as you wish; that simple, your compliance is not mandatory except where your behavior is initiated aggression through force or fraud.

So where exactly is this country?  It does not exist outside the kingdom of conscience.

Strip away all the notions of Constitutional protection, action in the courts to beat back bad laws and all the rest of the distractions and misdirection the government places in your cognitive path and you are left with one stark reality:  your refusal.

Want to solve the Socialist Security benefit disaster looming on the horizon as a demographic non-funded tidal wave of fiscal despair?  The accompanying Medicare/Obamacare fiscal mayhem?  The insufficient funding at all levels to meet government employee retirement benefits in the coming years?  Recognize the basic human imperative to refuse to comply.

I would gladly stop paying Socialist Security and forever opt out.  I would be happy to stop paying property taxes in exchange for zero government services I would use.  I don’t want to pay for government education camps and government libraries.  I don’t want fire services, I would gladly pay for a private subscription service for fire protection much as I pay for car and home insurance (although both would be much more affordable absent government mandates and meddling).

This isn’t simply about money; it is about the freedom to choose.  This goes far beyond the book by Milton Friedman; he limited his choices within a government framework.  This extends to every aspect of our lives whether it is consumption of raw milk, undercooked hamburgers or the ingestion of non-government approved home-grown meat and vegetables.  Everything I have just mentioned comes with a penalty, ultimately, of death for the non-compliant in American society.  When the SWAT thugs raid the raw milkwarehouse, your refusal to bow and scrape before the “thin black and blue line” may lead to your demise.  Ironically, their desire to get off the government teat, as it were, when it came to dairy consumption crossed the line when the regulatory functions were given the middle finger. I won’t belabor the point that cops are the number one danger to human freedom around the globe and I have covered that in detail before.  I use that to illustrate the point that American freedom is illusory and non-existent.  It is only tolerated as long as the cattle pay the rulers, comply with the Praetorians and don’t stray off the regulatory reservation…ever.

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Two Realities by Norman Imberman

Basically, there are two factions that exist in the world, when it comes to metaphysics and epistemology. The basic premises they maintain are at odds and determine how they conduct their lives and the conclusions they come to when it involves moral and political issues. They see reality differently—one hundred eighty degrees of difference. This is an attempt to verbalize those reality differences. Reality will dictate the outcome of the battle and a battle it is—an ideological battle. The lists below represent a general list of what most of the groups believe. However, it stands to reason that one cannot predict the beliefs of any one individual of the group. I will call one group Non-Statists or Limited Statists and the other group Statists-Collectivists. It should be quite evident that these opposite ideas demonstrate why there can never be compromise between them.

In reality, the two groups should be divided between Anarchists and Statists but I have used a more general dividing line to give the Limited Statists the benefit of the doubt by categorizing them with the Non-Statists (Anarchists)

Non-Statists and Limited Statists

1. Contradictions do not exist in reality

2. Many things are absolute

3. Some things are impossible

4. Theft is the taking of property without the consent of the owner

5. All opinions are not equally valid

6. The law of supply and demand is an absolute, a Natural Law of Human Action

7. Wishing, hoping, praying and a positive attitude cannot accomplish most things

8. The knowledge of basic principles is paramount in order to solve problems on a consistent basis

9. One man’s need does not constitute a moral obligation upon the actions of another

10. One man’s need does not constitute a right to the property of another

11. Truth exists

12. The ends do not justify the means

13. Like all things, Man has a Nature, which must be considered when trying to manipulate him

14. Natural law cannot be violated without impunity

15. Evil does exist

16. Profit is good and necessary for a thriving nation

17. The needs of the individual must never be sacrificed to the needs of the many

18. There is nothing immoral about a person who has much abundance and wants more

19. Taxation is theft

20. Calling slavery by another name will not change the meaning— will not make it freedom

21. Calling theft by another name will not change the meaning—it is still theft

22. Reality is an absolute and cannot be molded according to anyone’s desires

23. According to the courts, the paying of income taxes is voluntary

25. Production is the engine that creates jobs and prosperity

26. Government handouts is not the way to end poverty

27. Heroes: Carnegie, Vanderbilt, Ford, Rockefeller, Gates, Jefferson, Paine, Washington, Hayek, Von Mises, Bastiat, Rothbard, Rand, Galambos, Snelson, Pugsley, Paterson, Reagan, Newton, Faraday, Bell, Tesla, Westinghouse, Whitney, Fulton

28. Freedom is a primary and necessary goal towards attaining a lasting, prosperous, secure civilization

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The Constitution: The God That Failed (To Liberate Us From Big Government) by Bill Buppert

Publisher’s Note:  Greetings Libertopians!  September 17 is the day the serfs in the tax jurisdiction known as America celebrate Constitution Day.  We hear all the usual ill-informed and ahistorical notions celebrating what was in essence one of the most savvy and lucrative political coups in Western history. The Antifederalists were right, the Constitution was an elegant trap to shackle an entire nation to a system to empower the few over the many and the banksters over the entire system of commerce.  The respective states which had signed separate peace agreements with the United Kingdom in 1783 were merely political and inferior subsidiaries to the greater national power emerging in Mordor on the Potomac.  The Constitution created a Soviet style system well before the Bolsheviks were even contemplating such a scheme.  Whenever you hear some of your friends and neighbors extolling the virtues of the Constitution, read them Spooner’s quote and see how they address that particular conundrum.

I republish this annually to do my part to commemorate one of the greatest injuries to liberty you never knew.

You can also see my debate with Dr. Walker-Howe at Freedom Fest in the Media and Interviews portion of this blog. -BB

By rendering the labor of one, the property of the other, they cherish pride, luxury, and vanity on one side; on the other, vice and servility, or hatred and revolt.

~ James Madison

“But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain — that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist.”

~ Lysander Spooner

Today, 17 September 2009, is Constitution Day. There will be paeans, abundant commentary and church-like observances of the glories of this document in making us the most blessed nation on planet earth. This essay suggests a contrarian thesis. The Constitution is an enabling document for big government. Much like the Wizard of Oz, the man behind the curtain is a fraud. In this case, for all the sanctimonious handwringing and the obsequious idolatry of the parchment, it sealed the fate of our liberties and freedoms and has operated for more than 200 years as a cover for massive expansion of the tools and infrastructure of statist expansion and oppression. Among the many intellectual travels I have undertaken, this is one of the most heart-breaking I have ventured on. I want to acknowledge the compass-bearers who sent me on this journey: Kenneth W. Royce (aka Boston T. Party) and his seminal book, The Hologram of Liberty and Kevin Gutzman’s Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution. For most of the political spectrum in America, the document represents their interpretation of how to make this mortal coil paradise. Even in libertarian circles, it is taken as an article of faith the Constitution is a brilliant mechanism to enlarge liberty and keep government at bay. That is a lie.

The document was drafted in the summer of 1787 behind closed doors in tremendous secrecy because if word leaked out of the actual contents and intent, the revolution that had just concluded would have been set ablaze again. They were in a race against time and did everything in their power to ensure that the adoption took place as quickly as possible to avoid reflection and contemplation in the public square that would kill the proposal once the consequences of its agenda became apparent. They were insisting that the states ratify first and then propose amendments later. It was a political coup d’état. It was nothing less than an oligarchical coup to ensure that the moneyed interests, banksters and aristocrats could cement their positions and mimic the United Kingdom from which they had been recently divorced.

The original charter of the drafters was to pen improvements to the existing Articles of Confederation. Instead, they chose to hijack the process and create a document which enslaved the nation. Federalist in the old parlance meant states rights and subsidiarity but the three authors of the fabled Federalist Papers supported everything but that. Their intent and commitment was to create a National government with the ability to make war on its constituent parts if these states failed to submit themselves to the central government.

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Near-Shore Seasteading: The Beginning of Seasteading’s Incremental Process

At the far end of the Seasteading spectrum are independent seastead polities through which Individuals can self-establish political asylum. I can’t wait! At the other end of the spectrum are simple, low-cost ‘blue’ ideas and technologies that can benefit Humanity by utilizing ocean resources. These are the beginnings of the incremental approach to Seasteading.

In particular, Costa Rican Water Sciences Professor (and sea-farming researcher extraordinaire) Dr. Ricardo Radulovich, previously introduced, recognizes the value and utility (indeed, necessity) of seasteading to sea-farming. By way of further introduction, through more than ten-years of marine agriculture research in Central America, funded by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and The World Bank, Dr. Radulovich has proven that the ocean can be sustainably ‘sea-farmed,’ in a manner cost-effective for developing countries, to produce nutritious and protein rich macroalgae (seaweeds), shellfish and fish—without requiring an inch of land, a drop of freshwater, or any additional input. Dr. Radulovich’s research has demonstrated a Sea-Farming Efficiency Metric of five persons fed year-round from one-half hectare of diversified sea-farm plot and $200.00 (USD) in material costs, which is extraordinary.

An important part of Dr. Radulovich’s research are micro-seasteads, beginning with simple sea-based work stations. Sea farming, as every form of agriculture, requires frequent monitoring by workers/caretakers to conduct both daily maintenance and to deter theft or vandalism of equipment and infrastructure. Ideally, sea-farmers’ basic needs—namely, safe shelter, food, water, recreation, communication and sewage disposal—would be at least minimally provided at sea. While safety and basic comfort and facilities cannot be compromised, low-cost, locally-available materials can be utilized to create simple work stations alongside sea-farms, supporting researchers, farmers, and initial processors’ basic with basic shelter comforts and workspace. These work stations may be the 21st Century, ocean equivalent of Charles Goodnight’s Chuck Wagon, without which cattle drives as we know them would not have been possible.

Here’s a glimpse of what Dr. Radulovich has in mind: (Macroalgae on ocean surface, hanging columns of shellfish, low-cost fish cages for filter-feeder and/or herbivorous fish (which theoretically could be utilized as feed for tuna and other pelagic gamefish farms).

Repeat after me: Harnessing the ocean’s trophic cyle is the future of food production.