Anything peaceful and voluntary.

Welcome to the Human Frontier

I’m Ryan William Nohea Garcia, proud guest-blogger for Libertopia. By way of relevant introduction, I’m an Ambassador for The Seasteading Institute, and am passionately committed to effecting Free Cities and accelerating the Blue Revolution. I’ll be speaking at Libertopia about Seasteading, and participating on a Free Cities panel. Allow me to begin this blog-week by sharing a little about the transformational effect Libertopia has had on me.

I heard of Libertopia in 2010, and was gripped by its powerful introductory phrase–All Things Peaceful and Voluntary. These words command consideration of the prospect of life where no Individual or collective forbids anything peaceful and voluntary. And wouldn’t that be nice. A place for freedom and prosperity. Such an environment would spawn a Renaissance Humanity urgently needs. So great is Libertopia’s ideal that I fear I do not yet fully grasp its import. And certainly I cannot add to it.

Unfortunately, Humanity languishes in an age characterized by revolution. See Jacques Barzun, From Dawn to Decadence: 1500 to the Present, pg. 3 (“The Modern Era begins, characteristically, with a revolution.”) We need to spread the Word about Libertopia. Towards that end, my blogging here this week will be about the ideas, movements, Individuals, and companies working towards bringing about an Era characterized by Free Cities and Voluntary Societies, both on land and the Ocean Frontier.

Freedom is Happening.

Happy Sunday
Ryan William Nohea Garcia
Individual, Entrepreneur, Esq.
DuelingBarstools | @Divinryan


Libertopia Oct  11–14  2012, San Diego  CA


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