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Honduran Special Development Regions: A Major Step Towards a Free City Era

Rejoice! Honduras’ Regiones Especiales de Desarrollo (Special Development Regions (REDs)) are official. (Roundup of news: here, here, and here.) REDs are forums within Honduras for innovative political and legal systems that better promote prosperity by securing Individual rights, offering stable regulatory and judicial structures, and implementing more streamlined immigration procedures. This is great news for Hondurans and the greater Free City movement. This blog post recognizes and praises the Honduran officials who advocated and implemented for REDs, a fortiori in the face of significant domestic, nativist opposition.

It is quite remarkable that a number of Honduran politicians pushed for REDs in the first place, because doing so tacitly admits that the Honduran state, and its laws, structures and representatives do a comparatively poor job of serving Hondurans vis a vis other rule systems and structures. Such an admission is tantamount to the King himself declaring he has no clothing. (And, as any Libertopian could tell you, the State definitely doesn’t have any clothing.)

Special economic zones around the world better promote prosperity than surrounding nation states, which begs the question of why entire countries are not free trade zones, and calls into question the entire nation-state fiction–which nation states are loathe to do. Therefore, promoting and implementing REDs was a brave political position for Honduran representatives. Respect where it’s due: the Honduran representatives who advocated for REDs should be recognized and praised for demonstrating intellectual honesty, a rare quality in politicians, and true commitment to the Honduran people (also very rare) by putting the Honduran people’s economic needs above political and personal self-interests.

Nothing would benefit Humanity more than the peaceful creation of new places to innovate social and political systems that serve Humanity better than governments do today. As ever, many of Earth’s ostensibly successful and moral nations are fiscally unsustainable, increasingly authoritarian and impossibly governed–and by all appearances, intractably so. These are reasons to endeavor to create voluntary societies purposed to innovating systems that facilitate freedom and prosperity. Honduras’ REDs are a major step towards the normalization of new free trade zones, which in turn will lead to more opportunities for even broader free city endeavors.

Freedom is Happening.

Ryan William Nohea Garcia
Individual, Entrepreneur, Esq.
DuelingBarstools | @Divinryan


Libertopia Oct  11–14  2012, San Diego  CA

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