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Seasteading Has A Boat!

The Seasteading Institute recently received good news, tidings of joy, and all that. (Spoiler alert: TSI has a BOAT.)

On July 13, ownership of a seaworthy, 275-foot ship was transferred to the Institute from an generous donor. The Seasteader I was built in 1985 and is rated to carry 900 people on four decks. Earlier this year she was appraised at $10 million dollars. Docked on the East Coast of Florida, she was originally a passenger ferry and more recently a gambling ship. Her solid structure and spacious interior present endless opportunities for seasteading entrepreneurs looking for a malleable space for their ocean startup.

We are now in the alpha stage of collecting proposals for her use. Our goal is to lease her out “bareboat” to a seasteading entrepreneur, meaning the lessee would take on all costs associated with the ship, such as crew, insurance, registration, etc. A ship of this size and value would lease bareboat on the open market for approximately $4,000 per day. However, for true seasteading operations and projects that fit our mission, we will lease the ship significantly below the market rate.

What was I saying yesterday about potential socio-political Seastead endeavors? Here are the details:

Essentially, we hope to provide a platform for testing both new seasteading businesses, and experimental technologies that advance long-term ocean habitation. Proposed business ventures should either be advantaged by the ocean environment (i.e., aquaculture, ocean tourism) [READ AS: BLUE REVOLUTION] or by jurisdictional benefits stemming from the freedom of international waters (i.e., experimental medicine, visa-free workplaces).

If you’re not already aware, check out Blueseed (a project to station a vessel 12 nautical miles from the coast of San Francisco, in international waters. The location will allow startup entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world to start or grow their business near Silicon Valley, without the need for a US work visa. The vessel will most likely be a used cruise ship, converted into a coworking and co-living space. So far, over 900 entrepreneurs from 50+ countries expressed interest in living on the ship. The project is backed by PayPal founder and Facebook early investor Peter Thiel.”)

Hopefully, this acquisition will be just the first step toward an incredible sea-change for humanity — one thousand new nations on the high seas. As Joe Quirk said in his seasteading conference talk, “The time from the Wright Brother’s first fifteen second flight to Neil Armstrong’s happy dance on the moon is 66 years.” We believe we’ll one day look back at this ship with the same fondness as when we look back at the Wright Brother’s first “flying machine.” Or, perhaps more appropriately, we will honor this ship the way Americans honor the Niña, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria.

Freedom is Happening.

Ryan William Nohea Garcia
Individual, Entrepreneur, Esq.
DuelingBarstools | @Divinryan
==============================Libertopia Oct  11–14  2012, San Diego  CA


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