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The Last Failed State by Justin O’Connell

A terrific rhetorical salvo on my friend and colleague Jeff Berwick’s blog authored by Justin O’Connell.  Jeff will be there in the flesh at Libertopia. -BB

There is not a state on the planet today that is worth salvage; nope, not a single government that deserves our sympathy, empathy, concern, or hope. They deserve only our disdain and disbelief. They are all failed states, and the sustainability of humankind depends on a clean break with the old paradigm of states assuming a natural right to power over individuals.

The concept of a failed state was inspired by Ronald Reagan’s so-called “terrorist state”. That’s where the War on Terror began, as the Reagan administration hoodwinked the people by insisting “the new plague of the modern age is terrorism, a return to barbarism, and we must defend ourselves” or some other similar sort of transparent rhetoric. In 1994, Clinton called the concept of a state-sanctioned collective boogieman a “rogue state”, and the people were made to be afraid.

And then there was the “failed state”, and it was maintained that such states, impoverished and menial as they are, threaten our national security. Places like Iraq, the greater Middle East and even poor, little Haiti, according to the doctrine, would require direct intervention in order to save them from themselves. In the process, they would be certainly doomed to devastation.

Ironically, even during the Clinton administration, scholars in major journals such as Foreign Affairs noted that in much of the world, the US is considered the leading failed state and the greatest terrorist threat to man. But the US citizenry would never believe this, considering the Fourth Branch of the Government – the media – does not report on international opinion in its entertainment news.

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