Anything peaceful and voluntary.

Overwhelm the System

I’ve been discussing this idea on my radio show, the No State Project, for the last few weeks.  We spoke about it in depth on the last show and the podcast will be posted soon.

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep repeating it: real change will not come without non-violent, non-cooperation with the tax system.  Liberty is not a spectator sport and it seems even those who profess to be libertarians are still paralyzed with fear and unable or unwilling to start living more consistent with their principals.

If those who have long supported Dr. Ron Paul truly want to see the end of the income tax, then the evidence is stacked pretty high against getting it done by the political process and there’s going to have to be another way to get there.  It’s not by putting hope and money behind one man, whether Ron Paul or another messianic figure.

If you want to see an end to the income tax, then instead of rallies to show support for electing Dr. Paul president, there could be rallies of those who want to stop the income tax publicly stating they will not comply any longer.  And not just not filing returns.  I’m talking about not paying and encouraging those running businesses to not bow down to the coercion and refuse to comply with withholding and reporting.

Having a series of such rallies across North America will certainly get the attention of the psychopaths controlling us.  With such numbers, the system could not cope; there isn’t enough man power to prosecute even one percent of the non-compliant.

Is this impossible?  It may be; there may not be enough people who really want to end the income tax to take a stand together.  There are many who will ignore the evidence, continue voting, being compliant and enabling their own enslavement.  But who will doubt that if the supporters of Dr. Paul were to stand together, refusing to comply, that it would overwhelm the system and stop the enforcement of the income tax?

Because just complaining and voting has done so much hasn’t it?  There are historical examples of how effective non-violent non-compliance is though, it just takes people who want to live their lives on their own terms, not the whims of psychopaths.  Below is just one example, the famous Gandhi salt march. Image


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