Anything peaceful and voluntary.

Getting Involved – Doing Something to Bring About a Voluntary Society

This week a friend went to court and had a bracelet attached to monitor his movements.  Why?  Because twelve people were too afraid to stand up to a couple of lawyers.  Lawyers who clearly had no facts to prove jurisdiction and their constitution and code were applicable to Mike.  As covered on my show and articles, Lori Hendrickson, working together with Edward Lodge, brought out no less then twenty-eight witnesses and didn’t even attempt to prove their code was applicable and that Mike believed he was obligated to pay taxes and file returns.  So, while the twelve were hung on the more serious tax evasion charges, they convicted him of willful failure to file.

Not one witnesses was permitted to testify the code was applicable and that Mike believed he was required to pay and file returns; those are two elements of the alleged statutory violations.  In my opinion, if these twelve people had any guts and common decency, they would not have permitted these lawyers to proceed with witnesses who had no relevant testimony to offer.

And that prosecution is a microcosm of why governments are still farming us today.  It all comes down to fear; fear of retaliation from psychopaths called governments and fear from what we believe others will think of us.  We all have our lines in the sand, but some seem to have lines so far away there is very little if any, they are willing to do in order to change things.

The same things keeping those twelve people in their chairs are the same things keeping most of the people in compliance to psychopaths pretending to be governments.  As long as people have enough fear and continue to comply, then the psychopaths will continue farming us.  Anyone familiar with anarchy/voluntarism already knows this information, it’s not new.  There are tons of podcasts, videos, books and other writings laying out exactly what the problem is.  If so many already know what the problem is, then why does the problem persist?

Because too many people are just too scared and comfortable with the level of slavery they are in.  I’m not saying we need to be extreme, I don’t want to see anything like this:

And I don’t think people need to be reckless about it.  Non-violent, non-cooperation should be planned out out, though still decentralized.  The idea of overwhelming the system in the last blog entry is a good idea.  It just seems to me that those who really believe in liberty, who want change, are also willing to do something about it, not just talking and complaining about it.   And I think we can assume we are not at a point yet where we would have to endanger ourselves like tank man:

This man stood up to a tank, and twelve Americans, for all the talk about freedom and justice, could not stand up to two lawyers.


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