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Libertopia is Upon Us! Where in the World is Trace Mayer???

That moment for which we have waited all year is upon us: Libertopia 2012!   My name is Silver Vigilante, and I will be your host here this week at the Libertopia blog. You can find my in-depth analysis of the global financial crisis, precious metals and bitcoin at my website, where I detail in a news-journal style some of the pertinent events and stories of each day. I also write at Dollar Vigilante, where we teach the value of and possibilities for expatriation and offer passport and expatriation services. Both the Dollar Vigilante and I will be speaking, partying and organizing at this year’s Libertopia, so come join us!

Later on in the week, expect pertinent interviews with as many personalities as I can possibly apprehend (in a peaceful manner) in between drinks, smokes, lectures and riveting discussions. Until then, I will present some of the individuals speaking at this year’s Libertopia, and detail the products, services and worldviews they offer.

First up, let’s take a look at what Trace Mayer is doing over at How To Vanish. Last year, Bill Rounds of How to Vanish spoke at Libertopia regarding the importance of privacy in a world where nanotechnology is enabling states to gather information on individuals 24-7.  As I wrote at Silver Vigilante recently in an article called “One Nation Under…Surveillance”

In just the last five years, since around the time of the banking collapse, the US Department of Homeland Security has distributed more than $50 million in federal grants to law-enforcement agencies, from the biggest metropolitan areas in the country to the most rural communities, for automated license-plate recognition systems.  In 2010, a survey showed that more than one-third of large US police agencies are utilizing automated plate-reading systems. There is a lot of information captured via the technology. WSJ received two years- worth of plate information from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department in California. From September 10, 2010 to August 27, 2012, the sheriff’s cameras captured 6 million license plates scans. The sheriff’s deployed 49 camera-ready  vehicles, and scanned approximately 2 million unique plates. The average plate in the database was scanned three times over the two-year period. Less than 1% of plates were tracked extensively – hundreds of times, and occasionally thousands.

From PO boxes to prepaid cell phones, virtually anything at all to add a layer of defense against busy bodies at the NSA and other invasive government agencies helped the individual Bill Rounds told an audience of enthralled listeners.

This year, Trace is sure to cover one of his favorite topics: bitcoin.

Bitcoin has garnered disparate reactions from the freedom movement. Many people, even libertarians, discuss the risk that seems to be associated with bitcoin. Even though it is an open-source technology, they still want to know who is behind bitcoin, and when the answers that “cryptography” and “math” don’t make sense to them, they assume bitcoin is corruptable, and so they keep their monies in Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo or any of the other clearly corrupt capstone banking establishments as if that is better.

It is funny, when given two choices, both of which appear slightly mysterious, even dedicated libertarians and anarchists will choose the authorized money, fiat currency, scared and nervous to venture away from their masters. They choose the US Dollar, for example, even though these pieces of paper or double-entry accounting systems are not mediums of exchange, but mediums of control. As I wrote at Silver Vigilante

The argument against fiat currency as money is simple. Its compulsory nature does not make it a good candidate for the medium of circulation in a harmonious society. We as individuals are required to use it by law (force), as decreed by behemoths of officialdom. This is an unnatural state of money, as mediums of exchange are most effective when they are voluntary. To be forced into a way of life does not constitute money, but, instead control. It is perhaps more accurate to call the U.S. Dollar, for example, a medium of control than a medium of exchange.

Trace writes at How to Vanish. I am going to do my absolute best to find him this weekend, but he is a sneaky fella! Here is what he is up to. But first, here’s a song about surveillance by Stevie Wonder:

With safety becoming a growing concern among citizens in the United States as overworked authorities begin to crack under the pressure of maintaining a crumbling society, it is important people become completely aware of the options available to them to make their lives organized, fruitful and productive. That’s what How to Vigilante is. Here, options available to humans of all backgrounds will be provided, free. Today, we go over How to Vanish.

In his most recent post at How to Vanish, Trace Mayer writes of the impeding full-spectrum, ECHELON type propensities of the U.S. government.

Political privacy in the 21st century is becoming an extremely sensitive issue. We find traditional strengths collapsing or falling short without proactive solutions being applied.

These tend to happen gradually until something snaps our attention or brings an under-appreciated aspect into focus. Maintaining higher expectations or taking control of our privacy instead of blindly yielding to constant unconstitutional infringements by governmental bodies is essential. Plus, individuals should loudly voice their opinions and concerns when they feel to.

The movie Good Will Hunting portrayed the growing spynet encircling the United States and world as such:

At his website, where individuals can gain insights into the old convenience of privacy, Mayer waxes on the practical, stealthy and philosophical.  In an article called “Proactive Domestic Security Measures You Can Take To Control Privacy,” Mayer highlights the problem at hand, and contains links to aid the individual in their pursuit of fierce independence, such as A Beginner’s Guide To Bitcoin and Bitcoin ServicesHow To Vanish The Book or A Basic Privacy Guide:

The legal environment in many countries is constantly changing and often eroding privacy protections. Busybodies are a constant threat to your personal safety and financial wealth. But you can take control of your privacy, increase public anonymity and protect yourself.

The hampering of real authority of the individual, as opposed to the wasteful domestic security measures and regulations, in terms of privacy and harassment is becoming a significant threat. But there are strategies and tactics you can employ to increase the peace and securing privacy. Start with decreasing the amount of financial data and information you leave scattered around. You can get a free copy of A Beginner’s Guide To Bitcoin and Bitcoin Services.

Take control of and protect your personal privacy because no one else will. And remember: ALWAYS go that extra mile to protect your personal information by implementing stealth tactics from sources like How To Vanish The Book or A Basic Privacy Guide.

And who is to blame the individual for wanting to live an existence with very little collateral knowledge. Chances are, you do not wish to do harm to other people in an offensive manner, and therefore you are not  a threat, no matter your beliefs, culture or personal decisions. Nonetheless, the see something, say something culture is breathing down your neck…

“If you see something, say something.” Indeed, imperatives such as this one terrorize U.S. citizens during their everyday lives more-and-more as the U.S. government crackdowns on its own citizens, seeking revenue and a means of ensuring their citizens don’t have the opportunity to jump ship due to trumped up criminal records.  As New York Times called it, the slogan is the “equivalent of the ‘Just Do it’ Nike advertisement” for homeland security.

The transportation authority in New York City even went so far as to receive a trademark of the slogan from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. One unwitting slave tattooed the police-state slogan on her leg. “I didn’t get it to make some sort of political statement. I got it because I love the subway. I love New York. It’s just an identifiable logo,” she said.

As the consciousness of the U.S. public is spoiled with slogans like this one, which implore citizens to call the police whenever they are in need instead of build a true sense of community, posters like these pop up increasingly across the “Land of the Free.”

I wonder if there are some things that the zealous “authorities” in the U.S. would not want their slaves to say something about. For instance, I see something. In fact, I see many things very clearly when I look to the U.S. I see a country of only 5% of the earth’s population with one-quarter of the entire planet’s jailed population – dwarfing the rate of all other nations.  I see innocent people sitting hopelessly in dilapidated jails and prisons within dilapidated cities from coast-to-shining-coast—shining with the flashing lights of police cars, that is.

I see a tired and enslaved population bending over daily when it truly matters, when freedom truly needs to be stood up for.  Most of the citizens stand prepared to rat out their fellow slaves if it means they might be spared from torture by costumed gangs—you know, “the police”—who literally enjoy the full destructive force of the system behind them.

I see a population which runs the risk of, at any moment, getting murdered by said gangs—de facto summary execution in Amerikkka.  I see something, and I’ll say something – I see a police state in the USSA.

There is the story of Kelly Thomas, who called out for his father while five “police officers” beat him to death.  Nick Christie was gagged and pepper-sprayed to death by prison guards. Seth Adams was shot four times by a cop behind his family business, and then left to die. Ramarley Graham was an 18-year old New Yorker shot and killed by a cop for trying to flush a small bag of marijuana down the toilet. And then, in Utah, Todd Blair was killed for raising a golf club above his head.

There are innumerable more. Countless things have been said about these atrocities. But, the “authorities,” in the USSA, don’t want to hear about their murdering and stealing and neither do the judges. They want to hear about your petty actions.

In the USSA, obedience to the law is the only freedom in the eyes of the State. That means that, so long as you pay your tickets and other fines, you might never be caged up, deprived of nutrition and sleep – tortured. But, as time marches on, the likelihood that you will escape being kidnapped and locked-up in a cage as if you had done violence to others decreases dramatically.

In 2000, a New York court upheld the decision that police departments could bar individuals from becoming police officers for having high I.Q.’s. As one too-smart, would-be police officer noted, “This kind of puts an official face on discrimination in America against people of a certain class…I maintain you have no more control over your basic intelligence than your eye color or your gender or anything else.”

We are seeing today the effects of this policy of hiring only those with low IQs. And, the bull market in tyranny it is helping to produce a world without privacy, freedom of movement, but something quite different.

So, if you see something, say something. Say something while you still can.

And while you’re in the process, be sure to take the advice on How to Vanish seriously.

Be sure to catch Trace Mayer this weekend at Libertopia!

Be sure to check out Silver Vigilante Dotcom, and keep up on the dominant financial system, and all its alternatives.


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