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Libertopia: Livin’ The Revolution In The New World Order

There’s no doubt that Libertopia 2012 is coming at just the right time. The world seems to be worsening at rates not seen since 2009.  Even the IMF has warned the US that it is heading for too much austerity too quickly as the debt ceiling debate returns to Washington. Who knows why the IMF – an institution foremost in instituting “structural adjustments” and “shock therapy” to “Third World countries – is warning against the US’s plunge towards joining the periphery nations in poverty. A conflation of the historical “First” and “Third” worlds seems to be steering the planet head-on into a new “Gray” World. This ain’t no “second” world. This is just beyond what most people in the second half of the twentieth century thought possible. And they are all the more unprepared for it.

Maybe the IMF is hoping to allow a further consolidation of Europe. Perhaps, the IMF is biding time so that the US can lead western military efforts into a standardization of the Middle East. Once the US is done standardizing the world, taking most-directly over from the Nazi project, the rug will be pulled out under the US’s feet.

The New Order is already upon us. As anarcho-syndicalist (a divisive figure he is in the anarchist world) wrote about in the early 1990s, the New World Order is really just the International Monetary Funds’ and the World Banks’ ruling of the world. And that is a bridge we have already crossed. Not only did the US funded IMF and World Bank homogenize down south, but it has now moved into Europe and the US to take over from the military-industrial project.

Economic warfare is the name of the game, and what Libertopia has to offer is a remaking of economic society. Besides the psychological level, the economic game is the most important game on the Grand Chessboard. There’s no point in taking on the system. The system is too powerful. But, when we ignore it, we undermine its axiom and fulcrum: the acknowledgement of the system.

At Libertopia, people from all walks of life – bonded by the notion that government has done too much harm – participate in their own voluntary society. As Karl Marx wrote, the people would not understand the revolution until they lived the revolution.

Well, today we unfortunately understand the revolution: dominant totalitarianism. We say no thanks to that revolution, and build our own peaceful society.

Silver Vigilante

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