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Lawlessness and Anarchy Are Not the Same: Sociopathy is to Blame For Financial Plight

Are you excited for Libertopia or what? If you’re not, that’s probably because you’ve never been, and boy are you missing out. This is the week of voluntaryism! For a whole four days participants will live in a voluntaryist paradise, hearing speeches from some of the most stalwart and learned in the movement. This year, we will be hearing from individuals like Angela Keaton, Doug Casey and David Friedman. 

One of the biggest missions of Libertopia is to spread voluntaryism through the land. We are countering in an active manner the misunderstandings of mainstream journalists, as I highlight below:

Stumbling in drunken misunderstanding, journalists often misuse the term “anarchy”  to describe the international economic system. Yes, the authors recognize that the way things are is a state of lawlessness. They then err by using the term anarchy as a synonym for lawlessness. This is totally unfounded and does not accurately describe anarchy.  I guess Anarchy 101 at their University was filled before they could enroll.

In one recent article, called “Anarchy in the Financial Markets,” anarchy and lawlessness are considered equals. Anarchy was the best way that the author could describe how the economy works, using the term to mean lawlessness. A big part of this anarchy in the banking industry stemmed from greed, according to the author. This anarchy based in greed led to ” a bunch of highly dishonest salesman who shield themselves behind a veil of professionalism to dupe and seduce customers into believing their products are good and their processes are strong, secure and fair.”

That behavior is not anarchy. That behavior is sociopathy, and is the result of psychological torture during highly developmental stages of one’s life. It is not the system of relationships known as anarchy, which is commonly simplified to mean “Belief in the abolition of all government and the organization of society on a voluntary, cooperative basis without recourse to force or compulsion.”

The anarchy in the financial markets, according to the author, is “aided by ineffectual regulators who parrot the trite phrase that free markets should not be overly regulated but turn a blind eye when the biggest financial institutions amass massive positions to fix markets and deceive customers, making a mockery market freedom.” Again, as is highlighted by the above definition of anarchy, this is not anarchy. In anarchy, there would be no government regulators to turn a “blind eye.” This “blind eye,” furthermore, does not really exist. It is an apologist’s means of obfuscating more of the aforementioned sociopathy. The regulators turn no blind eye when it comes to the bribes they absorb when they partake in morally empty actions. They are not anarchists. They are sociopaths.

But, according to the author, it has been “anarchy” all along which has made “the markets way less than perfect.”  It has led to the LIBOR scandal and banks like HSBC  laundering billions of dollars for drug cartels and terrorists.  Governments have played no role in protecting the banking terrorists whatsoever, in the author’s conceptions.  Instead, in order to stem the anarchy, “there needs to be a new set of rules, regulations.”

The author then goes into a Plato-esque diatribe about the virtues of philosopher-kings, stating that the powers-that-be “should be consummate professionals whose first duty should be to protect the deposits of customers and the bank’s capital.”

This won’t happen, though, because:  “There is anarchy in the financial markets and a state of lawlessness which encourages heists of unimaginable proportions without risk of punishment. If we don’t watch it, the losses will do the world economy, and all of us, in.”

So, although anarchy does not exist as governments and multi-national corporations terrorize the planet in a command-and-control fit, like skyscrapers confining the population to camp-like canyons, anarchy is to blame for our extinction. Not the moral bankruptcy of civilization at the hand’s of propagandists in entertainment and news. Not the insatiable greed of those who exist above-and-beyond traditional values and behaviors. Not the organized, government-run military which kills millions upon millions century after century. Not central banks and capstone financial capital which design highly centralized, space-age system’s designed to abet their theft of planetary wealth. None of these state-run endeavor are to blame.

Nope.  Instead, anarchy is to blame.

Silver Vigilante

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