Anything peaceful and voluntary.

Guy Fawkes Party

Tonight at Libertopia there will be a Guy Fawkes party. Rumor has it the Guy Fawkes mask will be the only attire required! Woo hoo!!! Okay, so maybe not. But, as a voluntaryist festival-convention, maybe that will end up being the case.  Wouldn’t we all be fascinated to see a standoff between testeroned-out, steroid taking boots-and-triggers (read: police officers) taking on a euphoric crowd of anarchists.

OK, so sure the movement wouldn’t take some flack on the evening news, and also some of the participants would have their homes raided by thugs with machine guns and badges, but life is for living, not living uptight.

But, in the USA it can become difficult to live life without uptightness. After all, people are now having their homes invaded and their belief systems persecuted.

People are also doing whatever they can for shelter.

Just this past week a man tried to rob a bank of $1 in an attempt to go to federal prison.

He obviously wasn’t too insane, and knew just trying to get one measly dollar from the teller would land him in federal prison.

Such is life in the USA.

But not this weekend at Libertopia! Stay tuned for interviews all weekend, starting tomorrow!

Silver Vigilante


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