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The #1 Technology To Protect Privacy

Technology can make it easy for others to invade our privacy. So much data is mined and made available about us that it is hard to keep information out of the hands of business competitors, identity thieves, hackers, oppressive governments and nosy neighbors.

Encryption Technology Protects Privacy

But technology also provides some great solutions to help exclude unwanted others from certain information. Encryption is one of the best bangs for your buck to protect privacy for the least amount of time, (more…)

Is It Futile To Fight The Fishbowl?

There is so much personal information in so many places, it makes a goldfish in a bowl seem more private than we are.   Although there are many threats to privacy from governments, quasi-private entities and new technologies, many new technologies are actually protecting privacy better, and are available to more people, than ever before.

Governments, Corporations and Social Norms Eliminate Privacy

Governments have been creating laws, rules and regulations which force (more…)

Can We Have A Little Privacy, Please!

What does privacy have to do with freedom and a voluntary community?  Its all about freedom of association.

We all have the right to choose who we spend our time with, who we share our thoughts with, and who we entrust with our deepest, darkest secrets.

We also have the right to avoid the people we don’t like, limit the things we share with others, and to keep our most intimate personal thoughts to ourselves, if we want.

What If Every Thought Were Broadcast Publicly?

Its easy to imagine a Steven Spielberg summer blockbuster (more…)