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Blind spots in the coverage …

I’m hearing a loud silence on two issues regarding Obama’s medical leviathan.

1)    The Blind Spot for Liberals is the distinction between coverage and care

2)    The Blind Spot for Conservatives is Obama’s ultimate goal

#1 Coverage vs Care

CNN seems to have discovered, for the umpteenth time, that Europeans (more…)

Charity and The French Mistake

Barry J. Schwartz, Ph.D.
As I read Sharon Presley’s post about mutual aid and charity, I began to think about France.
As Sharon says, libertarians should be aware that charity is really one more strong point for liberty, and a shameful weak point for state-control freaks. (aka “state control-freaks”).
Charity can be a challenging topic: People should be militant about their liberty, and also remember that liberty includes their freedom to be kindhearted in their own damn personal way. That means—charity without any Socialist- or establishment-religion guilt mongering …Thomas Sowell makes a great (more…)

from the New Edition of the OXYPOLISAURUS


by bjsvol on July 18, 2011

  from the New Edition of the OXYPOLISAURUS

by Dr. Barry J. Schwartz


“But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.”

“In our time political speech and writing are largely the defense of the indefensible.”


–George Orwell

The term OXYPOLISAURUS is an amalgam of three elements: Oxymoron, Politics, and Thesaurus. I apologize for introducing a rickety term like this, but some of our old words and phrases are in very poor condition owing to public misuse. Once we’ve trimmed down the excess verbiage obscuring the view, the OXYPOLOSAURUS will be dismantled and put back into storage.

Now, consider the terms Oxymoron, Politics, and (more…)