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CPR at the Beach: Ostrom’s Prescription by Robert Anthony Peters


In trying to make the most of my Santa Cruz tenure, I strive to walk the beach each day. Some mornings start a little later as I wait for the coastal fog to burn off. Most everywhere I live I take long walks in my surroundings. It is very infrequent that I live in more peaceful spots that will put me in touch with less developed, natural environments. I consider this a wonderful opportunity to step back and (more…)


Motown and America’s Cultural Revolution by Robert Anthony Peters


Though it may seem like only yesterday to some of our dear readers, it was 51 years ago today that Motown Records would release their first #1 hit, “Please Mr. Postman” by The Marvelettes. Yesterday’s article celebrating an event thirty years more recent may seem more significant, but I would argue that Motown and the cultural shift that it helped create has (more…)

“Revolution with a Smile and a Song” – Happy Independence Day, Estonia! by Robert Anthony Peters


Twenty-one years ago, the Soviet Union looked as though it would endure forever. Twenty-one years ago, Estonia appeared to be a pawn of foreign powers in perpetuity. Twenty-one years ago today, independence was declared by this small nation. All because of song.

Estonians had unfortunately gotten used to being pushed around. Since 1208, they had only had a brief period of independence from (more…)

RIP Groucho Marx by Robert Anthony Peters

Today marks the 35th anniversary of the passing of one of the great treasures our world had the pleasure of knowing, Groucho Marx. I am reposting a blog post I wrote almost a year ago. Hopefully it will be a good reminder to those of us in the freedom movement to keep our sense of humor. (more…)

Public Art in Sand – Look on my works, ye Mighty, and enjoy! by Robert Anthony Peters

Public art on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk of a Great White Shark created by Bill photographed by Robert Anthony Peters for a blog entry for Libertopia

I spent last Friday at the beach. While walking along the shore, I spied a great white shark, stranded above the tide line. I wasn’t the only one who noticed, of course. Over a dozen people were staring at it from the pier directly above and well over a hundred more would appreciate its grandeur by that evening. I should mention that the beast was not made of flesh and blood but of sand and … well, sand.

Enter Bill, sand sculptor who designs a new piece a few times a week. Clearly not a beach bum, Bill graduated with a bachelor of science degree in chemical engineering, had a (more…)

When Government Gives You Regulation, Make Lemonade!

When I was a youth, my sister and I saw our perfect opportunity. It was a sunny summer day in San Francisco (an anomaly right there) and our quiet little neighborhood inconveniently placed on top of a hill was abuzz with the sounds of hammers and saws as there was construction going on right down the block. These two factors seemed to be the perfect alignment for entrepreneurial activity. We had been biding our time and finally found the right moment for our very own lemonade stand. Before that, the closest we had gotten (more…)

Dead Man’s Ideology

I am very fortunate to be rehearsing what will be a great production of Dead Man’s Cell Phone by Sarah Ruhl. My director is extremely insightful, talented, and experienced. My cast is some of the best and brightest that our town has to offer. The script is a taut, well-written poetic fantasy (per the NY Times). I love it! Except for my perception of the message the playwright wishes to get across.

Much as I try to find balance of viewpoints in the script, it seems to me that it constantly comes down against technology and against organ sales. Gordon, the dead man, (more…)