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Wish I were here

I just wanted to drop a quick note to those of my friends who will be attending Libertopia this year, that regrettably I will not be joining you this year.

The reason is that my wife came down with a bad case of lung cancer this past spring. By the time we figured out what was wrong with her it was fairly extensive, and she spent four weeks in the hospital. She’s at home now, slowly getting better, and going through repeated grueling rounds of chemotherapy treatments (she also had radiation treatments but those are done for now).

A side effect (a “paraneoplastic syndrome” as the doctors call it) of this cancer was that antibodies attacked the neural interface to her long muscles, particularly in her legs, effectively crippling her. By the time she checked into the hospital she could barely traverse 10 feet using a walker. She also lost 40 pounds in in the last 6 weeks before she was hospitalized, and she was not particularly heavy to start with.

Since then the treatments seem to be working, she is gaining her strength and her healthy weight back, but at this point I simply cannot take a 6-day trip (by car as I refuse to fly the friendly TSA skies) away from her. So, I’m sitting this festival out, but with any luck I’ll return next year. And maybe I’ll persuade her to come with me.

My best regards to all of you.


Left? Right? Both? Neither?

By Scott Bieser

I am a regular reader of the LewRockwell.Com daily e-zine, which almost always has something useful to say about the Empire and its Forever War,  and the state of the economy.  Also, Anthony Gregory and Will Grigg have been providing some outstanding news and commentary about our growing police-state.

But every now and then I come across an article that makes me sadly shake my head. And most of the time, it is an article commenting on what appears to be Rockwell’s favorite bête noir, the “left-libertarians.” Here’s a sample, written by Steven Greenhut back in 2003:

These days, the left-libertarians who have the loudest voice in our political movement can’t seem to make a simple distinction: just because a behavior should be legal doesn’t mean it’s good. While I would never use the government to promote morality or crack down on vice, as many conservatives would do, I have no interest in erasing the line between uplifting, civilization-building behavior and depravity.

If Greenhut wants to believe that left-libertarians are depraved civilization-destroyers, that’s his right, of course. (more…)