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Libertopia 2012 Podcast: Doug Casey

Doug Casey & SV sit down to talk freedom and wealth:

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Libertopia 2012 Podcast: John Rafanello

Silver Vigilante sits down at Libertopia 2012 to discuss the wonders of the world with John Rafanello. John is a former space electronics engineer who initially worked with the American Space Team developing the guidance system of the Saturn S-IV-B Moon rocket. His passion for discovering exactly how and why things worked led him into a lifetime study of ways to assist individuals and organizations to define and achieve worthwhile and previously unachievable objectives.

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Libertopia 2012 Podcast: Marc Victor, Attorney for Freedom

Silver Vigilante sits down with the Bruce Lee of the court room at Libertopia 2012. Presenting the one and only Marc J. Victor. If you don’t know Marc, chances are you have not indulged in cigarettes and beer with his marketing flare: lighters and bottle openers. In the court room, nobody f*cks with Marc Victor without getting downloaded with an onslaught of liberty legalese.  Marc just recently got a woman acquitted of having 83 pounds of marijuana on him.

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Guy Fawkes Party

Tonight at Libertopia there will be a Guy Fawkes party. Rumor has it the Guy Fawkes mask will be the only attire required! Woo hoo!!! Okay, so maybe not. But, as a voluntaryist festival-convention, maybe that will end up being the case.  Wouldn’t we all be fascinated to see a standoff between testeroned-out, steroid taking boots-and-triggers (read: police officers) taking on a euphoric crowd of anarchists.

OK, so sure the movement wouldn’t take some flack on the evening news, and also some of the participants would have their homes raided by thugs with machine guns and badges, but life is for living, not living uptight.

But, in the USA it can become difficult to live life without uptightness. After all, people are now having their homes invaded and their belief systems persecuted.

People are also doing whatever they can for shelter.

Just this past week a man tried to rob a bank of $1 in an attempt to go to federal prison.

He obviously wasn’t too insane, and knew just trying to get one measly dollar from the teller would land him in federal prison.

Such is life in the USA.

But not this weekend at Libertopia! Stay tuned for interviews all weekend, starting tomorrow!

-Silver Vigilante

Lawlessness and Anarchy Are Not the Same: Sociopathy is to Blame For Financial Plight

Are you excited for Libertopia or what? If you’re not, that’s probably because you’ve never been, and boy are you missing out. This is the week of voluntaryism! For a whole four days participants will live in a voluntaryist paradise, hearing speeches from some of the most stalwart and learned in the movement. This year, we will be hearing from individuals like Angela Keaton, Doug Casey and David Friedman. 

One of the biggest missions of Libertopia is to spread voluntaryism through the land. We are countering in an active manner the misunderstandings of mainstream journalists, as I highlight below:

Stumbling in drunken misunderstanding, journalists often misuse the term “anarchy”  to describe the international economic system. Yes, the authors recognize that the way things are is a state of lawlessness. They then err by using the term anarchy as a synonym for lawlessness. This is totally unfounded and does not accurately describe anarchy.  I guess Anarchy 101 at their University was filled before they could enroll.

In one recent article, called “Anarchy in the Financial Markets,” anarchy and lawlessness are considered equals. Anarchy was the best way that the author could describe how the economy works, using the term to mean lawlessness. A big part of this anarchy in the banking industry stemmed from greed, according to the author. This anarchy based in greed led to ” a bunch of highly dishonest salesman who shield themselves behind a veil of professionalism to dupe and seduce customers into believing their products are good and their processes are strong, secure and fair.” (more…)

Libertopia: Livin’ The Revolution In The New World Order

There’s no doubt that Libertopia 2012 is coming at just the right time. The world seems to be worsening at rates not seen since 2009.  Even the IMF has warned the US that it is heading for too much austerity too quickly as the debt ceiling debate returns to Washington. Who knows why the IMF – an institution foremost in instituting “structural adjustments” and “shock therapy” to “Third World countries – is warning against the US’s plunge towards joining the periphery nations in poverty. A conflation of the historical “First” and “Third” worlds seems to be steering the planet head-on into a new “Gray” World. This ain’t no “second” world. This is just beyond what most people in the second half of the twentieth century thought possible. And they are all the more unprepared for it. (more…)

Libertopia is Upon Us! Where in the World is Trace Mayer???

That moment for which we have waited all year is upon us: Libertopia 2012!   My name is Silver Vigilante, and I will be your host here this week at the Libertopia blog. You can find my in-depth analysis of the global financial crisis, precious metals and bitcoin at my website, where I detail in a news-journal style some of the pertinent events and stories of each day. I also write at Dollar Vigilante, where we teach the value of and possibilities for expatriation and offer passport and expatriation services. Both the Dollar Vigilante and I will be speaking, partying and organizing at this year’s Libertopia, so come join us!

Later on in the week, expect pertinent interviews with as many personalities as I can possibly apprehend (in a peaceful manner) in between drinks, smokes, lectures and riveting discussions. Until then, I will present some of the individuals speaking at this year’s Libertopia, and detail the products, services and worldviews they offer.

First up, let’s take a look at what Trace Mayer is doing over at How To Vanish. Last year, Bill Rounds of How to Vanish spoke at Libertopia regarding the importance of privacy in a world where nanotechnology is enabling states to gather information on individuals 24-7.  As I wrote at Silver Vigilante recently in an article called “One Nation Under…Surveillance”

In just the last five years, since around the time of the banking collapse, the US Department of Homeland Security has distributed more than $50 million in federal grants to law-enforcement agencies, from the biggest metropolitan areas in the country to the most rural communities, for automated license-plate recognition systems.  In 2010, a survey showed that more than one-third of large US police agencies are utilizing automated plate-reading systems. There is a lot of information captured via the technology. WSJ received two years- worth of plate information from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department in California. From September 10, 2010 to August 27, 2012, the sheriff’s cameras captured 6 million license plates scans. The sheriff’s deployed 49 camera-ready  vehicles, and scanned approximately 2 million unique plates. The average plate in the database was scanned three times over the two-year period. Less than 1% of plates were tracked extensively – hundreds of times, and occasionally thousands.


Wish I were here

I just wanted to drop a quick note to those of my friends who will be attending Libertopia this year, that regrettably I will not be joining you this year.

The reason is that my wife came down with a bad case of lung cancer this past spring. By the time we figured out what was wrong with her it was fairly extensive, and she spent four weeks in the hospital. She’s at home now, slowly getting better, and going through repeated grueling rounds of chemotherapy treatments (she also had radiation treatments but those are done for now).

A side effect (a “paraneoplastic syndrome” as the doctors call it) of this cancer was that antibodies attacked the neural interface to her long muscles, particularly in her legs, effectively crippling her. By the time she checked into the hospital she could barely traverse 10 feet using a walker. She also lost 40 pounds in in the last 6 weeks before she was hospitalized, and she was not particularly heavy to start with.

Since then the treatments seem to be working, she is gaining her strength and her healthy weight back, but at this point I simply cannot take a 6-day trip (by car as I refuse to fly the friendly TSA skies) away from her. So, I’m sitting this festival out, but with any luck I’ll return next year. And maybe I’ll persuade her to come with me.

My best regards to all of you.


Getting Involved – Doing Something to Bring About a Voluntary Society

This week a friend went to court and had a bracelet attached to monitor his movements.  Why?  Because twelve people were too afraid to stand up to a couple of lawyers.  Lawyers who clearly had no facts to prove jurisdiction and their constitution and code were applicable to Mike.  As covered on my show and articles, Lori Hendrickson, working together with Edward Lodge, brought out no less then twenty-eight witnesses and didn’t even attempt to prove their code was applicable and that Mike believed he was obligated to pay taxes and file returns.  So, while the twelve were hung on the more serious tax evasion charges, they convicted him of willful failure to file.

Not one witnesses was permitted to testify the code was applicable and that Mike believed he was required to pay and file returns; those are two elements of the alleged statutory violations.  In my opinion, if these twelve people had any guts and common decency, they would not have permitted these lawyers to proceed with witnesses who had no relevant testimony to offer.

And that prosecution is a microcosm of why governments are still farming us today.  It all comes down to fear; fear of (more…)

Overwhelm the System

I’ve been discussing this idea on my radio show, the No State Project, for the last few weeks.  We spoke about it in depth on the last show and the podcast will be posted soon.

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep repeating it: real change will not come without non-violent, non-cooperation with the tax system.  Liberty is not a spectator sport and it seems even those who profess to be libertarians are still paralyzed with fear and unable or unwilling to start living more consistent with their principals.

If those who have long supported Dr. Ron Paul truly want to see the end of (more…)

Revolutionary Road

There’s a popular way of drawing the distinction between electoral politics and revolutionary politics that I think gets things almost precisely backward.

According to this way of thinking, electoral politics represents a peaceful, conversational way of settling disputes, whereas revolution represents an abandonment of persuasion in favour of violence.

The Athenian Assembly

According to the Greek orator Lysias, for example, singing the praises of Athenian democracy, it was “the way of wild beasts to be forcibly subjected to one another, but the way of human beings to define justice by law and to persuade by reasoned discourse” – where by “reasoned discourse” he meant the debates in the assembly that culminated in laws, decrees, and declarations of war.

Now certainly states that feature parliamentary debate are generally preferable to states where, say, a single dictator has sole decision-making power. All the same, a conversation that is going to culminate in a vote, where the result of that vote will be imposed by force of law on the dissenters (as well as on others who, whether by choice or by necessity, have not even participated in the vote), can hardly be a (more…)

Fail – The War on Drugs

Courtesy of the bright folks at:

The Last Failed State by Justin O’Connell

A terrific rhetorical salvo on my friend and colleague Jeff Berwick’s blog authored by Justin O’Connell.  Jeff will be there in the flesh at Libertopia. -BB

There is not a state on the planet today that is worth salvage; nope, not a single government that deserves our sympathy, empathy, concern, or hope. They deserve only our disdain and disbelief. They are all failed states, and the sustainability of humankind depends on a clean break with the old paradigm of states assuming a natural right to power over individuals.

The concept of a failed state was inspired by Ronald Reagan’s so-called “terrorist state”. That’s where the War on Terror began, as the Reagan administration hoodwinked the people by insisting “the new plague of the modern age is terrorism, a return to barbarism, and we must defend ourselves” or some other similar sort of transparent rhetoric. In 1994, Clinton called the concept of a state-sanctioned collective boogieman a “rogue state”, and the people were made to be afraid.

And then there was the “failed state”, and it was maintained that such states, impoverished and menial as they are, threaten our national security. Places like Iraq, the greater Middle East and even poor, little Haiti, according to the doctrine, would require direct intervention in order to save them from themselves. In the process, they would be certainly doomed to devastation.

Ironically, even during the Clinton administration, scholars in major journals such as Foreign Affairs noted that in much of the world, the US is considered the leading failed state and the greatest terrorist threat to man. But the US citizenry would never believe this, considering the Fourth Branch of the Government – the media – does not report on international opinion in its entertainment news.

Read the rest:

Free To Choose: Refusal is the Ultimate Liberty by Bill Buppert

Libertopia is just around the corner and this distills one of the pillars of attaining and maintaining freedom. -BB

“Laws are rules, made by people who govern by means of organized violence, for non-compliance with which the non-complier is subjected to blows, to loss of liberty, or even to being murdered.”

– Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy

There is the only one true sign of freedom once all is said and done.  You can live in a geographical location or tax jurisdiction (fondly called countries) and you are subject to no law except what you agree to so long as you may opt-out as you wish; that simple, your compliance is not mandatory except where your behavior is initiated aggression through force or fraud.

So where exactly is this country?  It does not exist outside the kingdom of conscience.

Strip away all the notions of Constitutional protection, action in the courts to beat back bad laws and all the rest of the distractions and misdirection the government places in your cognitive path and you are left with one stark reality:  your refusal.

Want to solve the Socialist Security benefit disaster looming on the horizon as a demographic non-funded tidal wave of fiscal despair?  The accompanying Medicare/Obamacare fiscal mayhem?  The insufficient funding at all levels to meet government employee retirement benefits in the coming years?  Recognize the basic human imperative to refuse to comply.

I would gladly stop paying Socialist Security and forever opt out.  I would be happy to stop paying property taxes in exchange for zero government services I would use.  I don’t want to pay for government education camps and government libraries.  I don’t want fire services, I would gladly pay for a private subscription service for fire protection much as I pay for car and home insurance (although both would be much more affordable absent government mandates and meddling).

This isn’t simply about money; it is about the freedom to choose.  This goes far beyond the book by Milton Friedman; he limited his choices within a government framework.  This extends to every aspect of our lives whether it is consumption of raw milk, undercooked hamburgers or the ingestion of non-government approved home-grown meat and vegetables.  Everything I have just mentioned comes with a penalty, ultimately, of death for the non-compliant in American society.  When the SWAT thugs raid the raw milkwarehouse, your refusal to bow and scrape before the “thin black and blue line” may lead to your demise.  Ironically, their desire to get off the government teat, as it were, when it came to dairy consumption crossed the line when the regulatory functions were given the middle finger. I won’t belabor the point that cops are the number one danger to human freedom around the globe and I have covered that in detail before.  I use that to illustrate the point that American freedom is illusory and non-existent.  It is only tolerated as long as the cattle pay the rulers, comply with the Praetorians and don’t stray off the regulatory reservation…ever.

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Two Realities by Norman Imberman

Basically, there are two factions that exist in the world, when it comes to metaphysics and epistemology. The basic premises they maintain are at odds and determine how they conduct their lives and the conclusions they come to when it involves moral and political issues. They see reality differently—one hundred eighty degrees of difference. This is an attempt to verbalize those reality differences. Reality will dictate the outcome of the battle and a battle it is—an ideological battle. The lists below represent a general list of what most of the groups believe. However, it stands to reason that one cannot predict the beliefs of any one individual of the group. I will call one group Non-Statists or Limited Statists and the other group Statists-Collectivists. It should be quite evident that these opposite ideas demonstrate why there can never be compromise between them.

In reality, the two groups should be divided between Anarchists and Statists but I have used a more general dividing line to give the Limited Statists the benefit of the doubt by categorizing them with the Non-Statists (Anarchists)

Non-Statists and Limited Statists

1. Contradictions do not exist in reality

2. Many things are absolute

3. Some things are impossible

4. Theft is the taking of property without the consent of the owner

5. All opinions are not equally valid

6. The law of supply and demand is an absolute, a Natural Law of Human Action

7. Wishing, hoping, praying and a positive attitude cannot accomplish most things

8. The knowledge of basic principles is paramount in order to solve problems on a consistent basis

9. One man’s need does not constitute a moral obligation upon the actions of another

10. One man’s need does not constitute a right to the property of another

11. Truth exists

12. The ends do not justify the means

13. Like all things, Man has a Nature, which must be considered when trying to manipulate him

14. Natural law cannot be violated without impunity

15. Evil does exist

16. Profit is good and necessary for a thriving nation

17. The needs of the individual must never be sacrificed to the needs of the many

18. There is nothing immoral about a person who has much abundance and wants more

19. Taxation is theft

20. Calling slavery by another name will not change the meaning— will not make it freedom

21. Calling theft by another name will not change the meaning—it is still theft

22. Reality is an absolute and cannot be molded according to anyone’s desires

23. According to the courts, the paying of income taxes is voluntary

25. Production is the engine that creates jobs and prosperity

26. Government handouts is not the way to end poverty

27. Heroes: Carnegie, Vanderbilt, Ford, Rockefeller, Gates, Jefferson, Paine, Washington, Hayek, Von Mises, Bastiat, Rothbard, Rand, Galambos, Snelson, Pugsley, Paterson, Reagan, Newton, Faraday, Bell, Tesla, Westinghouse, Whitney, Fulton

28. Freedom is a primary and necessary goal towards attaining a lasting, prosperous, secure civilization

See the rest:

The Constitution: The God That Failed (To Liberate Us From Big Government) by Bill Buppert

Publisher’s Note:  Greetings Libertopians!  September 17 is the day the serfs in the tax jurisdiction known as America celebrate Constitution Day.  We hear all the usual ill-informed and ahistorical notions celebrating what was in essence one of the most savvy and lucrative political coups in Western history. The Antifederalists were right, the Constitution was an elegant trap to shackle an entire nation to a system to empower the few over the many and the banksters over the entire system of commerce.  The respective states which had signed separate peace agreements with the United Kingdom in 1783 were merely political and inferior subsidiaries to the greater national power emerging in Mordor on the Potomac.  The Constitution created a Soviet style system well before the Bolsheviks were even contemplating such a scheme.  Whenever you hear some of your friends and neighbors extolling the virtues of the Constitution, read them Spooner’s quote and see how they address that particular conundrum.

I republish this annually to do my part to commemorate one of the greatest injuries to liberty you never knew.

You can also see my debate with Dr. Walker-Howe at Freedom Fest in the Media and Interviews portion of this blog. -BB

By rendering the labor of one, the property of the other, they cherish pride, luxury, and vanity on one side; on the other, vice and servility, or hatred and revolt.

~ James Madison

“But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain — that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist.”

~ Lysander Spooner

Today, 17 September 2009, is Constitution Day. There will be paeans, abundant commentary and church-like observances of the glories of this document in making us the most blessed nation on planet earth. This essay suggests a contrarian thesis. The Constitution is an enabling document for big government. Much like the Wizard of Oz, the man behind the curtain is a fraud. In this case, for all the sanctimonious handwringing and the obsequious idolatry of the parchment, it sealed the fate of our liberties and freedoms and has operated for more than 200 years as a cover for massive expansion of the tools and infrastructure of statist expansion and oppression. Among the many intellectual travels I have undertaken, this is one of the most heart-breaking I have ventured on. I want to acknowledge the compass-bearers who sent me on this journey: Kenneth W. Royce (aka Boston T. Party) and his seminal book, The Hologram of Liberty and Kevin Gutzman’s Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution. For most of the political spectrum in America, the document represents their interpretation of how to make this mortal coil paradise. Even in libertarian circles, it is taken as an article of faith the Constitution is a brilliant mechanism to enlarge liberty and keep government at bay. That is a lie.

The document was drafted in the summer of 1787 behind closed doors in tremendous secrecy because if word leaked out of the actual contents and intent, the revolution that had just concluded would have been set ablaze again. They were in a race against time and did everything in their power to ensure that the adoption took place as quickly as possible to avoid reflection and contemplation in the public square that would kill the proposal once the consequences of its agenda became apparent. They were insisting that the states ratify first and then propose amendments later. It was a political coup d’état. It was nothing less than an oligarchical coup to ensure that the moneyed interests, banksters and aristocrats could cement their positions and mimic the United Kingdom from which they had been recently divorced.

The original charter of the drafters was to pen improvements to the existing Articles of Confederation. Instead, they chose to hijack the process and create a document which enslaved the nation. Federalist in the old parlance meant states rights and subsidiarity but the three authors of the fabled Federalist Papers supported everything but that. Their intent and commitment was to create a National government with the ability to make war on its constituent parts if these states failed to submit themselves to the central government.

See the rest:

Near-Shore Seasteading: The Beginning of Seasteading’s Incremental Process

At the far end of the Seasteading spectrum are independent seastead polities through which Individuals can self-establish political asylum. I can’t wait! At the other end of the spectrum are simple, low-cost ‘blue’ ideas and technologies that can benefit Humanity by utilizing ocean resources. These are the beginnings of the incremental approach to Seasteading.

In particular, Costa Rican Water Sciences Professor (and sea-farming researcher extraordinaire) Dr. Ricardo Radulovich, previously introduced, recognizes the value and utility (indeed, necessity) of seasteading to sea-farming. By way of further introduction, through more than ten-years of marine agriculture research in Central America, funded by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and The World Bank, Dr. Radulovich has proven that the ocean can be sustainably ‘sea-farmed,’ in a manner cost-effective for developing countries, to produce nutritious and protein rich macroalgae (seaweeds), shellfish and fish—without requiring an inch of land, a drop of freshwater, or any additional input. Dr. Radulovich’s research has demonstrated a Sea-Farming Efficiency Metric of five persons fed year-round from one-half hectare of diversified sea-farm plot and $200.00 (USD) in material costs, which is extraordinary.

An important part of Dr. Radulovich’s research are micro-seasteads, beginning with simple sea-based work stations. Sea farming, as every form of agriculture, requires frequent monitoring by workers/caretakers to conduct both daily maintenance and to deter theft or vandalism of equipment and infrastructure. Ideally, sea-farmers’ basic needs—namely, safe shelter, food, water, recreation, communication and sewage disposal—would be at least minimally provided at sea. While safety and basic comfort and facilities cannot be compromised, low-cost, locally-available materials can be utilized to create simple work stations alongside sea-farms, supporting researchers, farmers, and initial processors’ basic with basic shelter comforts and workspace. These work stations may be the 21st Century, ocean equivalent of Charles Goodnight’s Chuck Wagon, without which cattle drives as we know them would not have been possible.

Here’s a glimpse of what Dr. Radulovich has in mind: (Macroalgae on ocean surface, hanging columns of shellfish, low-cost fish cages for filter-feeder and/or herbivorous fish (which theoretically could be utilized as feed for tuna and other pelagic gamefish farms).

Repeat after me: Harnessing the ocean’s trophic cyle is the future of food production.


Seasteading Has A Boat!

The Seasteading Institute recently received good news, tidings of joy, and all that. (Spoiler alert: TSI has a BOAT.)

On July 13, ownership of a seaworthy, 275-foot ship was transferred to the Institute from an generous donor. The Seasteader I was built in 1985 and is rated to carry 900 people on four decks. Earlier this year she was appraised at $10 million dollars. Docked on the East Coast of Florida, she was originally a passenger ferry and more recently a gambling ship. Her solid structure and spacious interior present endless opportunities for seasteading entrepreneurs looking for a malleable space for their ocean startup.

We are now in the alpha stage of collecting proposals for her use. Our goal is to lease her out “bareboat” to a seasteading entrepreneur, meaning the lessee would take on all costs associated with the ship, such as crew, insurance, registration, etc. A ship of this size and value would lease bareboat on the open market for approximately $4,000 per day. However, for true seasteading operations and projects that fit our mission, we will lease the ship significantly below the market rate.

What was I saying yesterday about potential socio-political Seastead endeavors? Here are the details:

Essentially, we hope to provide a platform for testing both new seasteading businesses, and experimental technologies that advance long-term ocean habitation. Proposed business ventures should either be advantaged by the ocean environment (i.e., aquaculture, ocean tourism) [READ AS: BLUE REVOLUTION] or by jurisdictional benefits stemming from the freedom of international waters (i.e., experimental medicine, visa-free workplaces).

If you’re not already aware, check out Blueseed (a project to station a vessel 12 nautical miles from the coast of San Francisco, in international waters. The location will allow startup entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world to start or grow their business near Silicon Valley, without the need for a US work visa. The vessel will most likely be a used cruise ship, converted into a coworking and co-living space. So far, over 900 entrepreneurs from 50+ countries expressed interest in living on the ship. The project is backed by PayPal founder and Facebook early investor Peter Thiel.”)

Hopefully, this acquisition will be just the first step toward an incredible sea-change for humanity — one thousand new nations on the high seas. As Joe Quirk said in his seasteading conference talk, “The time from the Wright Brother’s first fifteen second flight to Neil Armstrong’s happy dance on the moon is 66 years.” We believe we’ll one day look back at this ship with the same fondness as when we look back at the Wright Brother’s first “flying machine.” Or, perhaps more appropriately, we will honor this ship the way Americans honor the Niña, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria.

Freedom is Happening.

Ryan William Nohea Garcia
Individual, Entrepreneur, Esq.
DuelingBarstools | @Divinryan
==============================Libertopia Oct  11–14  2012, San Diego  CA

Another Leader of the Blue Revolution

Blue Revolution / Seasteading Update

Self-Established Political Asylum. Or, The Market For and By the Industrious

By way of (further) introduction, Seasteading is the establishment of autonomous, sea-based, political entities to innovate new political and social systems that serve humanity better than do existing governments. Again: Seasteads are fresh ‘ground’ to innovate new political and social systems that may better give effect to humanitarian ideals, and over time may result in genuinely new, supranational cultures and traditions premised upon peace, industry and mutual pursuit of happiness.

As every critic of Seasteading will tell you, however, the difficulties, risk, and cost of establishing even a single Seastead are enormous. It is also true that “all noble things are as difficult as they are rare.”–Baruch Spinoza. Therefore it is nevertheless instructive to consider, even if only conceptually, the socio-political possibilities and opportunities Seasteading presents—for the same reasons that discussions amongst European serfs as to the possibilities of creating monarch-less countries in new lands—if only such lands existed—were valuable long before discovery of the New World.

The emergence of communities relatively free from the political status quo offers possibilities far beyond the economic impetuses, whether they be sea-based ‘Blue’ technologies, or relief from usurious taxation and anti-competitive ‘markets’, that will initially launch Seasteads. Indeed, the prospect for Individuals to compete in the political marketplace for human and financial capital currently monopolized by land-based nation states is the most valuable economic and socio-political opportunity Seasteading offers. Seastead entrepreneurs should embrace this perspective as a primary basis of Seasteading’s viability and seek to develop political solutions that serve humanity better than existing governments. This perspective will best attract the interest, investment and human creativity necessary to solve the complex challenges dwelling on the ocean presents, such as economically providing energy, fresh water, food, safety and real-time communication.

Nation states presently exert dominion over Individuals and foreign affairs, as every Libertopian can tell you. But this Berlin Wall falls when a Seastead negotiates a treaty with a land-based entity providing for visitor and residency visas, and investment terms and incentives, for Seasteaders. New polities offering an array of socio-economic and political terms under which Individuals may abide indefinitely enables Individuals to peacefully self-establish political asylum. The following broadly discusses this bright picture.


Citizen A of any country obtains permission to reside at Seastead X, pursuant to the terms and conditions of Seastead X. Citizen A may obtain concurrent citizenship, subjecting Citizen A to the terms of mother country and Seastead X. Or Citizen A may renounce his/her native citizenship. Individuals who renounce will only possess a Seastead ‘Identity’, and may be fairly said to occupy a sort of living political purgatory between traditional citizenship and technical international anonymity.

Power of Self-Established Asylum

Citizen A renounces his/her native citizenship under protest, on any grounds (maltreatment by or conscientious objection to mother country) and obtains indefinite asylum aboard Seastead X. For such Individuals Seastead X is a valuable, and previously unavailable, forum for self-imposed political exile lasting until mother country enacts reforms sufficient to entice their return. Phrased another way, Seasteading permits Individuals to peacefully ‘opt-out’ of existing State systems. Importantly, however, no such public protest is necessary, and there may be many advantages to confidentially seeking asylum and citizenship at sea.

Touching Land

Citizen A may live aboard Seastead X, harboring some or all of his/her assets there. Or, he/she may reside in land-based countries and territories with which Seastead X has negotiated treaties providing for tourist and residency visas, safe harbor for financial assets, and investment incentives. Many countries already offer investment incentives and free economic zones in which foreign residents may live and work remotely. The emerging Honduran free cities might be instantly amenable to such a treaty.

On this point, it should be noted that the mere prospect of perfectly good human and financial capital floating at sea was among the reasons Honduras amended its Constitution to permit Special Development Regions. Honduras’ immediate interest in providing forums for innovative government suggests that additional land-based countries may proactively court Seasteaders, their assets and burgeoning cultures.

Normalizing Seasteading

As stated previouslythe Berlin Wall of nation state hegemony falls when a Seastead negotiates a treaty with a land-based entity providing for visitor and residency visas, and investment terms and incentives, for Seasteaders. Each land-based nation that accepts the residents of Seastead X further legitimizes the concept and practice of Seasteading, and normalizes the concept of self-established sovereignty.

While attracting industrious and peaceful Seasteaders and their assets is a strong incentive for land-based nations to legitimize Seasteading through acceptance, there are also compelling, non-financial motives for nations, industries, and Individuals to support the concept of Seasteading.

For instance:

Private Space Industry

Now that a private space company has successfully delivered cargo to the International Space Station, the burgeoning private space sector may have significant interest in establishing autonomous political bases on earth from which to explore space and to provide space services to nation-­‐states lacking space capabilities. However proud Sir Richard Branson is to be British, the prospect of entering space—the ultimate frontier—on his political terms, rather than those of Great Britain (or the United States, where Virgin Galactica’s physical operations currently reside) presents untold advantages warranting consideration.

Individuals Already In Political Purgatory

Consider Seasteading’s appeal to non-native Emirate Individuals born in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Such Individuals (often of Indian ethnicity) may not technically be citizens of the UAE or any other country, placing them in a type of living political purgatory or state of anonymity that effectively prohibits them from traveling, migrating or meaningfully affecting domestic politics. For such Individuals establishing independent bases of ‘sovereignty’ may be necessary to obtain even the barest of human rights.

Globally Oriented Businesses

Globally oriented businesses are curiously tethered to the whims of existing nations. Why? They don’t have to be, and increasingly they hold the cards.

Consider Apple, which famously has $64 Billion in cash lying fallow due to American economic disincentives. Apple might better serve its global customer base by reestablishing itself, or a portion of its present or future operations, on a Seastead. And imagine the howling protest citizens of existing nation-states would muster if their government refused to allow Apple products entry because Apple tolerates, supports, or participates, in what amounts to a necessary and just end-around of the existing status quo.

Groups in Exile

Many identifiable ethnic and cultural groups lack sovereign physical territory, such as the 5 million (plus) Circassions in exile worldwide. Establishing a Seastead (or a borough within a free city…) will afford such groups a political voice, and could conceivably result in better treatment and a peaceful return to homeland. In the interim, self-establishing political marks the beginning of the end of exile, and may result in previously closeted ethnic and cultural groups gaining international recognition. In time, such groups, now possessing an identifiable ‘territory’ could conceivably participate in the Olympic games.

Individual Conscientious Objectors

What if the Dalai Lama obtained asylum aboard a Seastead, effectively renouncing the International status quo, which treats him as a political puppet? Would land-based nations deny his Seastead passport and refuse him entry? What if he refuses to visit countries that deny the legitimacy of his self-determined citizenship? How loud would Humanity howl?

Humanitarian Endeavors

Recently a brave North Korean escapee confirmed the (long suspected) existence of prisoner breeding camps in North Korea producing de facto slaves for relatively short, malnourished lifetimes of forced labor to that wretched State. Even by North Korea’s miserable standards this is particularly reprehensible, and should be considered among the greatest humanitarian crises on earth. It should further remind that any “humanitarian” argument for military intervention in Syria or elsewhere demands immediate action in North Korea. For many political reasons, however, North Koreans should expect no such help. Conversely, if and when military intervention occurs in Syria, as Libya before it, it will be due to politics, and certainly not humanity.

This is but one example of the political status quo preventing meaningful humanitarian action even where every moral fiber demands it, and highlights why humanity needs new players and fresh ideas in the International political arena. The emergence of polities unencumbered by the political status quo provides sovereign bully pulpits from which concerned Individuals may advocate for economic, civil and political reform in mother nations, and, most importantly, actually undertake politically meaningful humanitarian action–Such as globally concerned citizens financing a Seastead purposed to housing oppressed political dissidents when other countries chicken out.


Advent of self-established political asylum mechanisms launches a political market for and by the earth’s industrious that will end the nation-State monopoly over industrious Individuals. Seasteading will prove to be a valuable check and balance on the (current) excesses of modern social democracies, and it is capable of ending the nation-State monopoly. That alone is sufficient reason to politically set out to sea.

Freedom is Happening.

Ryan William Nohea Garcia
Individual, Entrepreneur, Esq.
DuelingBarstools | @Divinryan
==============================Libertopia Oct  11–14  2012, San Diego  CA

The Blue Revolution (in food production): Blazing the Trail to the Ocean Frontier

The ‘Blue’ Revolution is a movement whose perspective is that oceans are frontiers with abundant space and renewable resources that can and should be sustainably developed to meet many of humanity’s most urgent needs. Few people, however, conceptualize the Ocean as a frontier yet to be settled–in much the same way that few people believed the inhospitable desert regions surrounding Las Vegas and Dubai would ever host cities.

The Seasteading Institute is among the few groups committed to furthering the Blue Revolution, and thereby (further) opening the Ocean frontier. The Seasteading Institute’s motivation for doing so is two-fold. One, because the world needs places to innovate social and political systems that serve Humanity better than existing governments (and if we need to develop sea-based city communities in order to do so, We fucking will).

Two, because there are a billion chronically hungry people, and many more than that are malnourished. Humanity urgently needs more food, but land-based agriculture cannot provide it due to a dearth of additional agricultural territory, unsustainable agriculture methods, and limited freshwater resources. At sea, however, is abundant space and plentiful, renewable, and currently fallow agricultural resources. The Blue Revolution ideal is to realize, at sea, the successes of the Green Revolution (attributed to Human Hero Norman Borlaug), which vastly increased global food production capacity by giving the developing world tools to grow their own food.

The oceans and rich marine environments surrounding even the poorest coastal countries can be sustainably and cleanly farmed to improve nutrition among the over 1 billion chronically undernourished humans and provide greatly needed employment and enterprise opportunities. Realizing the ocean’s potential to sustainably feed Humanity is the Blue Revolution’s overarching motive , and achieving it unlocks enormous human potential.

In June, 2012, The Seasteading Institute hosted a conference (lots of conference videos at the link) focused on the technologies, discoveries, and partnerships that could soon unlock the oceans’ vast potential. (This was surprising to the media in attendance, which expected vigorous debates about politics or ideology; for instance the idea of self-establishing asylum in sea-based communities, because that’s how to really live under your own roof!)

The Ocean Frontier will see sea-farmers ‘herding’ mobile (drifting or self-powered) polyculture sea-farms that produce mass amounts of seafood and macroalgae (seaweeds) simply by harnessing the ocean’s natural trophic cycle. (On this point, see Dr. Ricardo Radulovich’s Seasteading Conference presentation. Dr. Radulovich’s duplicable sea-farm models can immediately be implemented in even the poorest of coastal countries, and he has also experimented with floating greenhouse-like pods (growing tomatoes, citrus, and other traditional foods) that uptake nutrients from the sea and capture freshwater from the atmosphere (condensation). One day fruit orchards will drift at sea, to be herded near shore at harvest time.)

And are you aware that macroalgae, which grows like a weed, is a renewable source of polymers, the building blocks of plastic? The talk around the Seasteading conference was the increasingly feasible idea of growing mass amounts of macroalgae on the open ocean to supply processing ships that reduce macroalgage polymers into biodegradable 3-D printer feedstock.

Hell, jet fuel can be created from ocean thermal energy conversion.

Big ideas spawn innovation creating new technologies, particularly when the State gets out of the way. On that point, a primary feature of all frontiers is relative space from cloistered, stagnant homelands. The Ocean is no different.

The people and companies that take advantage of Frontiers will have a great say in the rules systems that will ‘govern’ the high seas. The World has a frontier–the Ocean–with virtually endless space and resources, and it would be better if Seasteaders and Libertopians are first footers shaping the rule systems that in time will ‘govern’ the high seas.

ps: Credit, to my knowledge, for coining the term ‘Blue Revolution,’ and laboring for many years to effect it, belongs to Professor Emeritus (of the University of Hawai’i) Patrick Takahashi. See also Neil Sims, who is at the very tip of the open ocean fish-farming spear.

Honduran Special Development Regions: A Major Step Towards a Free City Era

Rejoice! Honduras’ Regiones Especiales de Desarrollo (Special Development Regions (REDs)) are official. (Roundup of news: here, here, and here.) REDs are forums within Honduras for innovative political and legal systems that better promote prosperity by securing Individual rights, offering stable regulatory and judicial structures, and implementing more streamlined immigration procedures. This is great news for Hondurans and the greater Free City movement. This blog post recognizes and praises the Honduran officials who advocated and implemented for REDs, a fortiori in the face of significant domestic, nativist opposition.

It is quite remarkable that a number of Honduran politicians pushed for REDs in the first place, because doing so tacitly admits that the Honduran state, and its laws, structures and representatives do a comparatively poor job of serving Hondurans vis a vis other rule systems and structures. Such an admission is tantamount to the King himself declaring he has no clothing. (And, as any Libertopian could tell you, the State definitely doesn’t have any clothing.)

Special economic zones around the world better promote prosperity than surrounding nation states, which begs the question of why entire countries are not free trade zones, and calls into question the entire nation-state fiction–which nation states are loathe to do. Therefore, promoting and implementing REDs was a brave political position for Honduran representatives. Respect where it’s due: the Honduran representatives who advocated for REDs should be recognized and praised for demonstrating intellectual honesty, a rare quality in politicians, and true commitment to the Honduran people (also very rare) by putting the Honduran people’s economic needs above political and personal self-interests.

Nothing would benefit Humanity more than the peaceful creation of new places to innovate social and political systems that serve Humanity better than governments do today. As ever, many of Earth’s ostensibly successful and moral nations are fiscally unsustainable, increasingly authoritarian and impossibly governed–and by all appearances, intractably so. These are reasons to endeavor to create voluntary societies purposed to innovating systems that facilitate freedom and prosperity. Honduras’ REDs are a major step towards the normalization of new free trade zones, which in turn will lead to more opportunities for even broader free city endeavors.

Freedom is Happening.

Ryan William Nohea Garcia
Individual, Entrepreneur, Esq.
DuelingBarstools | @Divinryan


Libertopia Oct  11–14  2012, San Diego  CA

Welcome to the Human Frontier

I’m Ryan William Nohea Garcia, proud guest-blogger for Libertopia. By way of relevant introduction, I’m an Ambassador for The Seasteading Institute, and am passionately committed to effecting Free Cities and accelerating the Blue Revolution. I’ll be speaking at Libertopia about Seasteading, and participating on a Free Cities panel. Allow me to begin this blog-week by sharing a little about the transformational effect Libertopia has had on me.

I heard of Libertopia in 2010, and was gripped by its powerful introductory phrase–All Things Peaceful and Voluntary. These words command consideration of the prospect of life where no Individual or collective forbids anything peaceful and voluntary. And wouldn’t that be nice. A place for freedom and prosperity. Such an environment would spawn a Renaissance Humanity urgently needs. So great is Libertopia’s ideal that I fear I do not yet fully grasp its import. And certainly I cannot add to it.

Unfortunately, Humanity languishes in an age characterized by revolution. See Jacques Barzun, From Dawn to Decadence: 1500 to the Present, pg. 3 (“The Modern Era begins, characteristically, with a revolution.”) We need to spread the Word about Libertopia. Towards that end, my blogging here this week will be about the ideas, movements, Individuals, and companies working towards bringing about an Era characterized by Free Cities and Voluntary Societies, both on land and the Ocean Frontier.

Freedom is Happening.

Happy Sunday
Ryan William Nohea Garcia
Individual, Entrepreneur, Esq.
DuelingBarstools | @Divinryan


Libertopia Oct  11–14  2012, San Diego  CA


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