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Libertopia 2012 Podcast: Doug Casey

Doug Casey & SV sit down to talk freedom and wealth:

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Libertopia 2012 Podcast: John Rafanello

Silver Vigilante sits down at Libertopia 2012 to discuss the wonders of the world with John Rafanello. John is a former space electronics engineer who initially worked with the American Space Team developing the guidance system of the Saturn S-IV-B Moon rocket. His passion for discovering exactly how and why things worked led him into a lifetime study of ways to assist individuals and organizations to define and achieve worthwhile and previously unachievable objectives.

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Libertopia 2012 Podcast: Marc Victor, Attorney for Freedom

Silver Vigilante sits down with the Bruce Lee of the court room at Libertopia 2012. Presenting the one and only Marc J. Victor. If you don’t know Marc, chances are you have not indulged in cigarettes and beer with his marketing flare: lighters and bottle openers. In the court room, nobody f*cks with Marc Victor without getting downloaded with an onslaught of liberty legalese.  Marc just recently got a woman acquitted of having 83 pounds of marijuana on him.

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Guy Fawkes Party

Tonight at Libertopia there will be a Guy Fawkes party. Rumor has it the Guy Fawkes mask will be the only attire required! Woo hoo!!! Okay, so maybe not. But, as a voluntaryist festival-convention, maybe that will end up being the case.  Wouldn’t we all be fascinated to see a standoff between testeroned-out, steroid taking boots-and-triggers (read: police officers) taking on a euphoric crowd of anarchists.

OK, so sure the movement wouldn’t take some flack on the evening news, and also some of the participants would have their homes raided by thugs with machine guns and badges, but life is for living, not living uptight.

But, in the USA it can become difficult to live life without uptightness. After all, people are now having their homes invaded and their belief systems persecuted.

People are also doing whatever they can for shelter.

Just this past week a man tried to rob a bank of $1 in an attempt to go to federal prison.

He obviously wasn’t too insane, and knew just trying to get one measly dollar from the teller would land him in federal prison.

Such is life in the USA.

But not this weekend at Libertopia! Stay tuned for interviews all weekend, starting tomorrow!

Silver Vigilante

Lawlessness and Anarchy Are Not the Same: Sociopathy is to Blame For Financial Plight

Are you excited for Libertopia or what? If you’re not, that’s probably because you’ve never been, and boy are you missing out. This is the week of voluntaryism! For a whole four days participants will live in a voluntaryist paradise, hearing speeches from some of the most stalwart and learned in the movement. This year, we will be hearing from individuals like Angela Keaton, Doug Casey and David Friedman. 

One of the biggest missions of Libertopia is to spread voluntaryism through the land. We are countering in an active manner the misunderstandings of mainstream journalists, as I highlight below:

Stumbling in drunken misunderstanding, journalists often misuse the term “anarchy”  to describe the international economic system. Yes, the authors recognize that the way things are is a state of lawlessness. They then err by using the term anarchy as a synonym for lawlessness. This is totally unfounded and does not accurately describe anarchy.  I guess Anarchy 101 at their University was filled before they could enroll.

In one recent article, called “Anarchy in the Financial Markets,” anarchy and lawlessness are considered equals. Anarchy was the best way that the author could describe how the economy works, using the term to mean lawlessness. A big part of this anarchy in the banking industry stemmed from greed, according to the author. This anarchy based in greed led to ” a bunch of highly dishonest salesman who shield themselves behind a veil of professionalism to dupe and seduce customers into believing their products are good and their processes are strong, secure and fair.” (more…)

Libertopia: Livin’ The Revolution In The New World Order

There’s no doubt that Libertopia 2012 is coming at just the right time. The world seems to be worsening at rates not seen since 2009.  Even the IMF has warned the US that it is heading for too much austerity too quickly as the debt ceiling debate returns to Washington. Who knows why the IMF – an institution foremost in instituting “structural adjustments” and “shock therapy” to “Third World countries – is warning against the US’s plunge towards joining the periphery nations in poverty. A conflation of the historical “First” and “Third” worlds seems to be steering the planet head-on into a new “Gray” World. This ain’t no “second” world. This is just beyond what most people in the second half of the twentieth century thought possible. And they are all the more unprepared for it. (more…)

Libertopia is Upon Us! Where in the World is Trace Mayer???

That moment for which we have waited all year is upon us: Libertopia 2012!   My name is Silver Vigilante, and I will be your host here this week at the Libertopia blog. You can find my in-depth analysis of the global financial crisis, precious metals and bitcoin at my website, where I detail in a news-journal style some of the pertinent events and stories of each day. I also write at Dollar Vigilante, where we teach the value of and possibilities for expatriation and offer passport and expatriation services. Both the Dollar Vigilante and I will be speaking, partying and organizing at this year’s Libertopia, so come join us!

Later on in the week, expect pertinent interviews with as many personalities as I can possibly apprehend (in a peaceful manner) in between drinks, smokes, lectures and riveting discussions. Until then, I will present some of the individuals speaking at this year’s Libertopia, and detail the products, services and worldviews they offer.

First up, let’s take a look at what Trace Mayer is doing over at How To Vanish. Last year, Bill Rounds of How to Vanish spoke at Libertopia regarding the importance of privacy in a world where nanotechnology is enabling states to gather information on individuals 24-7.  As I wrote at Silver Vigilante recently in an article called “One Nation Under…Surveillance”

In just the last five years, since around the time of the banking collapse, the US Department of Homeland Security has distributed more than $50 million in federal grants to law-enforcement agencies, from the biggest metropolitan areas in the country to the most rural communities, for automated license-plate recognition systems.  In 2010, a survey showed that more than one-third of large US police agencies are utilizing automated plate-reading systems. There is a lot of information captured via the technology. WSJ received two years- worth of plate information from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department in California. From September 10, 2010 to August 27, 2012, the sheriff’s cameras captured 6 million license plates scans. The sheriff’s deployed 49 camera-ready  vehicles, and scanned approximately 2 million unique plates. The average plate in the database was scanned three times over the two-year period. Less than 1% of plates were tracked extensively – hundreds of times, and occasionally thousands.